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ronaldo Ronaldo swap juventus Juventus to sell .Snap

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This summary is currently timilettikkan in which he played for Manchester United for Paul peagbaye their former player, who is also expected to Italian giant plans to yuvanrasin. The Italian club are reportedly considering signing Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United. In the last days, is the guest of the famous Italian medium della Sport that is left out of the information.

Kaimarrakkararilute yuvanrasin peagbaye want to get Paul, standing on the main question of this .Snap Manchester United tayyarakumeayennatan. High salary and tips in this case English talavedanayayekkumennan big Ronaldo.

Best rekkearduntenkilum yuvanrasineappam, this summary is strong speculation that Ronaldo vittekkumennulla club. In this situation, instead of peagbaye own reports yuvanrasinre be considered to have left reaneaye United saktamayirikkunnat. Tips from the charge of the new coach Massimiliano talparyakkuravillennan allagrikkum yuvanrasinre in place of Andre Ronaldo pirleakk nalkunnatineat.

Paul Pogba, who has played for Manchester United since 2016, has one more year left on his contract. Ronaldo yuvanrasilettiya yuvanrasil in 2018, remaining a year contract. Football Experts at the age of muppattiyar the best young player nikkamayirikkumennan for the past Ronaldo of Manchester United’s Paul peagbaye midphildarmarulearalumaya it yuvanrasinre the timilettikkanayal the best in the world. They pointed out that the relations between the two best clubs involved vardhippikkunnuntennum the potential of this kaimarrakkarar walk.


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