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‘Rookie King who survived’ So Ji-jun… Best pitching of the season

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In professional baseball, last year’s rookie of the year, kt Sook-jun, announced his escape from the slump by throwing the best pitch of the season.

He perfectly blocked the Lotte lineup with a scoreless pitch for 7 innings.

By Sohn Jang-hoon.

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5.82 ERA on 1 win and 2 losses this season.

After a sluggish second-year jinx, kt Sojoon regained the power of rookie king last year.

With a fast ball approaching 150 kilometers and an exquisite change ball that steals the batter’s timing, he tied up Lotte’s batting line.

In the 4th inning crisis, So Ji-jun, who received help from the defense, struck out 9 and blocked 7 innings without a score.

This season, he struck out the most in his most innings in a game and pitched his first scoreless pitch, winning two wins in the season in a month.


“I think it was a lot of stress because I kept pitching that didn’t meet my expectations. I think it was good to see the (strike) zone with confidence.”

Kang Baek-ho, the only player in the league with a batting average of 40%, collided with an opponent at first base in the third inning and collapsed, but then showed a stable defense and dispelled concerns about injuries. continued.

Doosan’s foreign pitcher Rocket pitched six innings and one run in the SSG match, lowering the ERA to 1.87 and taking the lead in this division.

This is Jang-Hoon Son from MBC News.

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