Rooney’s Conviction “Man U EPL Wins… Pogba will play a tremendous role”

[엑스포츠뉴스 김희웅 인턴기자] Manchester United coach legend Wayne Rooney predicts his own league domination.

Manchester United 21Work(Korean time) Held at Craven Cottage in London, UK 2020/21Seasonal English Premier League(EPL) 18Fulham in the round 2-1Beaten with.

United wins the victory on this day 40Record the point, EPL Firmly held the lead position. 2Manchester City above and 3We Leicester City wins 38I’m chasing closely with a point, 4Upper liverpool(Victory points 34point)It is of great significance to have separated the gap from. Obviously, it is true that it has an advantage in the race to win..

Soon, coach Rooney, who took the derby county baton a while ago, expressed his thoughts. According to UK Sky Sports he 21In an interview ahead of the championship match against the Queens Park Rangers Currently, United are challenging to win.. I 6A week ago (Derby County) I told the coaches in the office that United would dominate the league.. I still think soSaid.

Most of all, the recent trend of Manchester United is raising expectations for winning.. Manchester United 18Including Round Fulham 13Match undefeated(10W 3radish)Are running.

Director Rooney In the past few years, United haven’t been ready to challenge themselves to win.. But they had players like Bruno Fernandez and Edinson Cavini with winning mentality.. It would be incredibly helpfulPredicted.

Fernandes and Cavani respectively last year 1Month and 10Wore a man u uniform. both EPL It’s my first time on stage, No adaptation period was required. Fernandes became the center of the United attack with a sense of play and aggressive passes, and shows versatility to snatch goals when necessary.. Before joining Kabani, he was worried about his age.. However, several dramatic goals led to the team’s victory, which is now successful after Cristiano Ronaldo. 7Burn is well received.

Rooney's Conviction “Man U won the EPL…  Pogba will play a tremendous role”

There was also the presence of Paul Pogba, who is making a big success recently.. Director Rooney Pogba will play a huge role in winning Manchester United.. The players who bring winning mentality will relieve Paul’s pressure a little, and he will show off his qualities on the pitch.I analyzed that.

2000Gun for the eighties 7United, who won the trophy, has been far from winning in recent years.. However, the mood this season is clearly different from before.. As coach Rooney said, it is paying attention to whether Manchester United will be able to dominate the league after a long time..

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