rot! “Somnuek-Tong Hua” engaged in trading MORE Nok Ru Ching sells TH, squeezes prices down more than 35%

reporter report Citing capital market news sources about the latest case Anti-Money Laundering Office or AMLO Many securities firms have been ordered to freeze assets linked to stock trading transactions. return more Public Company Limited or MORE and shares in the custody account for the benefits arising from the underlying Thai securities. (NVDR) or MORE-R 34 items

by disclosing that A list of contributors appears as account owners. on behalf of individuals and legal persons such as groups of Mr Apimuk Bumrungwong or “table tennis“, a groupKim Mr, Hia Mo’s “ABAC” group of friends Including name Kayawathanakit somnuk Mr Chairman of the Board of Directors Tong Hua’s holding Public Company Limited or TH, and two subsidiaries of TH were ordered to seize funds or securities obtained from the sale of MORE and / or MORE-R shares on November 10, 2022 as well.

anyway Somnuk Mr (Individual) has been subject to seizure of assets in the stock account opened with 2 securities companies: 1. Securities company Yuanta (Thailand) Co., Ltd or YUANTA worth about 14.5 million baht and 2. securities company DBS Vickers (Thailand) limited or DBS worth about 2.9 million baht

while the legal persons who are two subsidiaries of TH that hold shares in the proportion of 99% are: 1. Company The capital of Tong Hua Co., Ltd. has been frozen under the service of a securities company DBS rods (Thailand) Co., Ltd or DBS about 102.59 million baht and 2. Company Tonghua Media Lab Co., Ltd. has been frozen under the service of a securities company Yuanta (Thailand) limited or YUANTA about 27.78 million baht

In terms of TH stock price movement during the last 6 working days or between 14 Nov – 21 Nov ’22, it has dropped significantly. from the closing price of November 11 at 3.94 baht to the last close at 2.54 baht, which represents a decrease of about 35.53% from the date the story began to be revealed about the unusual purchase of shares of MORE network until it could lead to legal action in by many parties. At the same time, it should be noted that Can anyone know about the Company’s involvement in the scandalous transaction? So sell shares to hedge the risk.

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