Rottweiler Dog Used as Cover for MDMA Smuggling: Two Arrested in Thrissur

Thrissur: Youth Arrested for Smuggling MDMA in Car Hiding ‘Rottweiler’ Dog

Kunnamkulam Police and Anti-Narcotics Squad Detain Suspects

In a recent development, the Kunnamkulam police and the anti-narcotics squad known as Kandasamkadav successfully apprehended two individuals who were engaged in smuggling activities. The accused, identified as Kiliyadan Vishnu (28) and Anthikad Tharail Sreejith (27), were caught red-handed attempting to smuggle 18 grams of MDMA concealed within a car that had a Rottweiler dog as a disguise.

Acting on confidential information pertaining to the illicit transportation of narcotics, the police team halted the car in question. However, to their surprise, upon opening the back door, they were greeted not only by the Rottweiler but also by the canine’s remarkable agility as it lunged towards them. Fortunately, no one was harmed during this encounter. Following this incident, the suspects were swiftly taken into custody and subsequently remanded.

Incident Unfolds in Kunnamkulam

The events unfolded yesterday morning in Kunnamkulam. Police Commissioner Ankit Ashoka had received specific intelligence which indicated Vishnu’s frequent trips to Bengaluru in a rented vehicle. Detecting this pattern, law enforcement authorities decided to intercept the suspect’s car for a thorough inspection.

During the search, the discovery of a large dog occupying the back seat initially caused the police team to exercise caution, given the reputation of Rottweilers as a potentially aggressive breed. However, Vishnu’s peculiar explanation that he was merely returning from Bengaluru to purchase a dog aroused suspicion among the officers.

Assured that the animal posed no immediate threat, the police proceeded to thoroughly search the vehicle, leading to the unearthing of MDMA concealed within. Shockingly, Vishnu and Sreejith confessed to having previously smuggled narcotics on multiple occasions, often capitalizing on the presence of the Rottweiler to evade detection- a tactic employed successfully against police in both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Prioritizing the safety and welfare of the innocent canine, authorities ensured its transfer to a secure and suitable location. Additionally, it was revealed that Vishnu, originally a bus driver, had turned to selling liquor in his pursuit of higher income opportunities.

English Summary: Thrissur Police Seize MDMA from Car, Uncover Unique Smuggling Technique

Thrissur ∙ The police arrested the youth who smuggled 18 grams of MDMA in a car hiding a ‘Rottweiler’ dog. Kunnamkulam police and anti-narcotics squad Kandasamkadav arrested Kiliyadan Vishnu (28) and Anthikad Tharail Sreejith (27). Based on confidential information that the car was being smuggled, the Rottweiler jumped towards the police team who stopped the car and opened the back door, but did not attack anyone. The accused were remanded in custody.

The incident took place in Kunnamkulam yesterday morning. Commissioner Ankit Ashoka had received information that Vishnu was frequently returning to Bengaluru with a rented car. When the car was stopped and checked, the large dog was found in the back seat. The police team initially retreated as it was a violent species. When Vishnu said he was returning from Bengaluru to buy a dog, he became suspicious. After making sure the dog would not attack, the car was searched and MDMA was found. They told the police that they had smuggled MDMA several times along with the dog. They said the police in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka waved their hands several times, but retreated after seeing the dog.

The police moved the dog to a safe place. Vishnu, a tourist bus driver, started selling liquor in search of more income.

English Summary: MDMA seized from car in Thrissur

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