RoV “invites best friends to hit the fortress”, the more close, the more awarded. See you on January 24

RoV update new, add relationship system Ready to send activities “Invite best friends” will help players build intimacy with their friends. Better in the game Various improvements such as the emoji system and the display in the battlefield. New season features That adds color to the players 24 Jan

Relationship system: RoV adds a new relationship system. Players can send a relationship request to their friends once the Friendship level reaches a certain level. There are 4 types of relationships to choose from: lovers, girlfriends, partner and siblings, with a partner can have one person and for other status there can be up to 5 people.

The specialty of the relationship system is Players can increase their Friendship by playing games together. Including sending friendship gifts to each other And when the Friendship level reaches a certain level, rewards will be unlocked if both players log into the RoV game on the anniversary of their relationship. Will receive a special anniversary gift as well

New emoji system: RoV has upgraded the new emoji system. When a player gets a permanent emoji The emojis will be installed automatically if there is room to install them also when in certain situations such as when killing an enemy. The system will display an emoji keypad on the screen. So that players can use it more conveniently

Battlefield improvements: There have been some visual improvements in the battlefield so that players can see it more clearly.

  1. Added a bar showing the strength of Drake Mondester.
  2. Improved the blood reducing effect to be more visible. Including improving the HP bar to display more accurate results
  3. Update damage data Damage view no longer drifts randomly from the player’s point of view.

In addition to the above improvements, RoV also has a new season feature, Mildar Board, which appears in front of the player’s base as soon as the game starts. Players can get on the Mildar Board to move quickly to the middle lane, with the Mildar Board disappearing 30 seconds after the game starts.

In-game function upgrades: RoV added a system of recommended shops to allow players to find items more conveniently. In recommended shops Item names and descriptions will not be displayed. And will organize items into categories according to their usage Makes players able to find items more easily and quickly. Where players can choose to switch between a normal shop and a featured shop

It also added a new skill target locking system. Players will be able to drag skills to lock targets that are in the radius. Allows to be able to use the skill accurately at a longer distance.

Item balance adjustment: This patch RoV focused on improving item damage and HP recovery by reducing the restoration effect of other items and reducing the effect of Curse of. Death and Soul Scroll to bring The Beast items back into the game even more. You can follow more details here.

In addition to new game updates that have a whole relationship system. New features in the game Including improving the various systems even better RoV also organizes new activities Let players invite friends to help each other in activities to build intimacy and choose to get free skins together.

activity Jan 24, my friend hit the fort.: Just complete the mission to collect coins “24 this best friend hit the fortress” as required. Can be redeemed for 1 free skin from the following skins: Rose Party Riktor, Rose Party Alice, Rose Party Ryoma, Rose Party Tel’Annas and Rose Party Tulen Event period 19 – 28 January 2021 only!

As for anyone who is racing, soon RoV is about to allow players to try a new mode called Duo Race.
You can follow more announcements about the Duo Race launch period on Facebook:

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