“Row of Hot Girls Live Streaming” on the Streets of China

International Center / Reported by Li Mingrong

China’s live broadcasting industry is booming. The easiest way to broadcast live anywhere is with a mobile phone and a mobile phone stand. Many people want to become famous and famous quickly in this way. Recently, a blogger on Weibo discovered that many live broadcasters on the street in China, at night, set up all kinds of equipment on the side of the road, brightly lit, and this show caused a discussion on the Internet immediately.

Chinese street stalls in the middle of the night? The side of the road is brightly lit.

The streets of China are brightly lit at night, and there are many live broadcasters. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)

Recently, Weibo owner “Xiao Lei” shared a video on Weibo. In the picture, it can be clearly seen that there are many lights on the side of a major road. In front of each light stand, there is a bright-looking person. Zhengmei is broadcasting live to the camera, some people are singing with a microphone, and some people are chatting with fans All kinds of live broadcast content are on the same street. Such a strange sight made the original PO bored and asked, “Why are you broadcasting live on the street?”. In fact, there have been reports in the Chinese media recently that under several bridge holes on the West Second Ring Road, many women will sit on the ground in a row against the wall, with lights, mobile phone stands and tools another. placed in front of them, facing the camera again and again. They sing and dance to perform talent shows. Among them, there are also girls with beautiful faces. These girls are all Internet celebrities of’ the same media company in Guilin. They earn income through awards, and the highest monthly income is more than 200,000 yuan.

As soon as the post came out, many netizens left messages saying, “Don’t mosquitoes bite people?”, “What mysterious ceremony is this”, “Begging in a different way”, “Internet beggars”, “Now there the quality of Internet celebrities has declined”, , “It’s good to fix it, otherwise the live broadcaster will be doing some things all day”; but some netizens think that as long as they don’t steal or steal, and don’t affect other people in the middle of the night, this is their personal freedom.

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