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At 5:30 pm on December 4, 2022, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Let the representative of His Majesty “Chief Air Adviser Marshal Chalit Pukphasuk” Privy Council go to the cremation “Mr. Sombat Metanee”, the national artist. performing arts (Films and TV series) of the year 2016 after death from an old illness on August 18, 2022 at the age of 85 at the royal crematorium, Wat Phra Si Mahathat Woramahawihan, Bang Khen, Bangkok. Still thankful and grateful for the greatest kindness, not the family of the deceased.

The atmosphere of the event was attended by families, close relatives, and many people from the entertainment industry, such as Rong Kao Munkhadi, Piak Aranya Namwong, Charin Nantanakorn, Petchara Chaowarat, Bin Bunluerit, Dodo Yutpichai Chanlekha, Dam Dasakorn, Rit Luecha, Jaew Yuthana Lopanphaiboon, Kobsuk Jaruchinda, etc., with the wife of “Ad Sombat” as “Too Kanjana” and his son “An Sirakupt” taking care of tidy and taking care of the guests during the event

Then around 3:30 pm, there was a ceremony to move the coffin from Sala 14 to the crematorium and circle the crematorium 3 times before inviting it to be placed on Chitkathan. Followed by the frying of the Requiem cloth. And there is a cremation ceremony at 5:30 pm respectively.

As for the son, “An Sirakupt” revealed that the family felt grateful for His Majesty’s kindness. And the greatest honor is that my father was cremated this time.
“This is considered the highest honor of the Methanee family. I have to pay tribute to Her Majesty the King for having this opportunity. Everyone in the family tried to prepare well. Some steps may be missing. I have to apologize to everyone. Including the guests of honor who also came In terms of time, there may be a slight change during the day. Since yesterday, which is the 100th day of prayer, including today. Everyone tried to do their best.”

“In terms of the children’s state of mind Probably faster than your mother. But fortunately, we are already close to each other, so the encouragement from the children or your mother’s friends and your father’s friends, including close relatives who visit your mother often We see each other almost every day Regarding encouragement, I think your mother is much better. But there will be times when you are alone and miss your father. So we often took him to visit his father in the temple. I can help.”

Children must be closely supervised by their mothers.
“Actually, I have to say everything because it’s been a couple since we weren’t even born, over 60 years ago. It is better to call it almost their whole life than in the fact that they have been together for a long time. What he often said was that sometimes he didn’t want to go anywhere because wherever he went he always went as a couple. When I go alone, my mother will feel that this place has been together.”

“We’ve been doing it since before. When you are old, there must be at least 1-2 people handy nearby. This is already done. After my father died, we collected a little more. a little more often and will try to do it as often as possible This is what my children do It’s good to have grandchildren. It’s okay to have grandchildren abroad, but they fly back to visit grandma sometimes. As long as he has This person is also my son. Today he flew over for this event especially to stay with Grandma. I think that something like this is an important encouragement. Apart from the children, the grandchildren must be the main encouragement for Grandma.”

Brothers and sisters in the circle of encouragement
“I have to thank everyone, including friends in the industry and outside the industry. As well as my friends, everyone who came is very grateful.

Some events may be held each year to commemorate the treasure.
“I haven’t mentioned that step yet. But maybe once a year it can be done. But we haven’t reached that stage yet. Let this work be completed first. One thing my father had was a loyal fan club. Like yesterday, the fans who love your father and call themselves The son who called him father, came to help organize a small exhibition. Film posters and film posters were attached to this pavilion (Sala 14) so ​​you could see that the tenacity was still there. This project can take place between the FC group and the family. But at the moment we haven’t talked much.”

Mother complained for 3 months that Sombat had left. never found
“Another thing that my mother complains about is that my father has not come to see my mother yet. My mother would complain almost every day. go to that person’s dream now go to this person’s dream But I believe that my father comes every day but don’t tell my mother anymore because I know that if I come to tell my mother My mother gets symptoms.”

“Like I’m with him most of the time anyway. Walking to every part of the house, I still feel that my father is there all the time. When asked if I must be dreaming or not, I didn’t believe anything like that. But I believe that what we lose or remember should be enough.

Tuesday float in 1-2 weeks
“If the ceremony is followed tomorrow, there will be a ceremony from the palace early in the morning. As for floating on Tuesday, as we talked about, if you don’t do it within this week, it will be next week, if everyone is convenient. because now everyone is still complete The location has not been chosen yet. But still going to the sea and the sea.”

Thoughts from son to father
“It’s probably similar to what I’m going to say in the mourning. it must be said And he was a role model for many people, not just family members. Be a role model for people in the industry and not just the entertainment industry. Any industry, especially in matters of sincerity Honesty, Discipline, Gratitude Everything I can touch A father can do 100 percent, no stick, that’s a good example. it should be enough.”

“I believe that every child that is born must be proud of their parents. But since our father, Sombat Metanee, is the protagonist number 1, is the protagonist of all time, as they are called, helping us and the younger ones to get today by using your father’s reputation as a shortcut to called so because everyone knows the father Ask what is the shortcut? One is when he knows he is his father’s son, he will have love, kindness, and compassion towards us.