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Royal Thai Army injecting COVID vaccinations to new soldiers – MCOT Thai News Agency

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Bangkok, July 22 – The Army has given new soldiers the first dose of vaccination, 96 percent of them are confident that they are in good spirits, revealing that a new soldier has been infected with Covid-19. Before entering service, 69 officers are ready to take care of them.

Reporters reported that from the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19, which Gen. Narongphan Jitkaewtae, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army Has ordered all new military training units of the Army to operate in accordance with the prevention and control guidelines. To take care of the 1/2564 active duty regiment who had just entered service on July 1 past. The most important thing is screening for COVID-19. and prepare medical support Including a plan to vaccinate new soldiers in the first week of service for immunization.

from the 6th to the 20th of July Hospitals affiliated with the Royal Thai Army in all 37 barracks areas have carried out the first dose of covid vaccination for new soldiers according to the plan that has been allocated vaccines from the CCC. The information is registered in the public health system. Assess the physical condition of those who will be vaccinated health history with advice to observe symptoms after vaccination

In the past 14 days, the Army has vaccinated against COVID-19. to 33,561 new soldiers, representing 96 percent of those who were in service. Some new soldiers have been vaccinated before they enter service.

For those who have restrictions Because the body is not ready. Initially, the new military training units have delayed the injection and will receive the vaccine when it is ready next. In general, the first vaccination of the new soldiers was carried out successfully. Most of the new soldiers were glad they were vaccinated.

In addition to the COVID-19 vaccination There is also a screening test for COVID-19. to new soldiers immediately before entering the training unit The results of the test with 34,822 new soldiers, 1/2564, found 69 new soldiers infected with covids before serving, accounting for 0.19 percent of all new soldiers in this shift. 41 people were detected on the first day of entering the unit, and 28 more were detected during the quarantine, observing the symptoms of another 28, all of which were taken by the training unit to be treated at the camp hospital in the area. At present, 54 new soldiers are infected and are still receiving treatment (21 July 64). However, the number of infections of the new soldiers is small. in the criteria as assessed by the Army and brought into the treatment process according to the prepared medical system Confident to be able to control the epidemic .- Thai news agency

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