Royal Thai Navy must confirm Waiting for DA test results only. so he cannot decide whether it is a “persimmon tree” or not

Prachuap Khiri Khan – Chief of Naval Region 1 Reveals search operations throughout today Only clothes, active suits and a water bladder were found. In the beach area of ​​Chumphon Province, there are still 5 people missing, and one body is awaiting DNA test results, so it is still not possible to determine whether it is a “persimmon tree” or not.

At 6:30 pm today (December 30) at the Victim Support Coordination Centre. Sukhothai royal ship which is all this day 4 royal ships and 3 Navy aircraft, 1 Air Force, Torque .114 have searched by coordinates the whole area of ​​Bang Saphan District, Bang Saphan Noi District, Prachuap Province, down to Prathiw District, Mueang District, Chumphon Province and Surat Thani Province, which have yet to find soldiers, who are missing in any way

Including Navy diver operations. in Laem Kho Kwang area and read the knee flap Mueang Chumphon area which will continue tomorrow including caves and nearby islands again because today the foundation in Chumphon wandered to search And found the dress, the work uniform in the sea is the official uniform of warships in the Royal Navy and the equipment, including the water bag, has signs of wear and tear which has been used for some time by the base found in front of the IRPC company. in front of Chumphon Bay

As for the search tomorrow, the HTMS Kraburi will still be there. HTMS Taksin HTMS Narathiwat search in the original area unmanned aerial vehicle

The Commander of Naval Region 1, for another 1 body at the Sawangrat Sattha Thammasathan Institute, Bang Saphan, said they still have to wait for DNA test results to confirm his identity. because if there is a mistake then it can be damaged that it cannot be determined whether it is a “persimmon tree” or not

As for all the soldiers, it was confirmed that they went down and returned to the Sukhothai Royal Ship, 105 people, and Ton Kol did not enter the ship. As for the person who will answer all the questions and facts. it must be captain which one this will be in the results of the investigation But I believe there must be a reason for not going down with the ship. which must be at the discretion of the captain ships readiness to go out on duty It will be the part of the commander and the engine.

The commander of the ship would be responsible for the operations or tactics of the navy, and the mechanic would be responsible for machinery. Mechanical protection against damage

The Head of Naval Region 1 concluded that “We did everything in our power to find the other five men, trying not to let anyone escape from this search and operation. The search within the Royal Ship Sukhothai is still unable to operate because it is still dangerous Checking the top of the ship, the commander said that all 105 soldiers are already on the deck of the ship.