Rs 1.16 crore alimony was not paid; First wife’s protest in her ex-husband’s marriage

A young woman from China is protesting against the second marriage of her ex-husband who did not pay alimony. The woman was outraged by her ex-husband remarrying without paying the Rs 1.16 crore she was supposed to receive as alimony. Following this, the young woman arrived at her ex-husband’s wedding ceremony and interrupted the ceremony by raising a flag. The incident took place in southwest China’s Sichuan province. The protest came from a woman called Luo who divorced her ex-husband surnamed Li in 2019.

Li had taken custody of their daughter in the divorce settlement. He also agreed to pay Luo 1 million yuan (Rs 1.16 crore) as alimony. In addition, she agreed to cover medical expenses and business insurance until she remarried. However, Luo came to stop the second marriage after he did not pay the amount he had agreed to give her. Luo protested by raising a flag on the day of the wedding and handing out leaflets to the guests invited to the wedding.

Following the incident, Li filed three defamation lawsuits against his wife. He also agreed to pay the compensation issued by the court in three instalments. Following this, Luo publicly apologized on social media for his behavior at the wedding.

Last Updated June 6, 2023, 1:27 PM IST


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