Rs 22.40 lakh sanctioned for construction of wide bridge at Nanpyar field: Nattu Visesham

Silver Pond: The Silver Pond is suitable for transport with large trunks. Residents of Nampar Padam for the bridge have stopped waiting. യാ കുന്നു.

22.40 lakh crore for construction of bridge in Nai district at the behest of locals. Allowed by the court. Nampar Padam village in the 10th ward of Mattur panchayat Only about a kilometer away from the Silver Field. It is now surrounded by a long distance due to the lack of a suitable bridge. Traveling. Vellikulangara Police Station There is a wide road. However, there is a narrow creek just below the silver pond on this road. It’s just a matter of time.

The only way to cross this bridge is by auto rickshaw. Dhya Ma Woo. Reconstruct the bridge by widening the bridge on both sides of the bridge and widening the road. It was a tragedy for the natives that there was no action to be taken. Between Kodakara-Vellikulangara Road and Kotali-Monoti Road Low-lying Npar Patam Road. Twenty years ago, the monopoly flowed through the Nnapar field. The demand was high that the road should be paved. The only way to get there is to work on the course of the day. That’s it. During the rainy season, a lone path was submerged by a torrential downpour. Kilometers around the country car is connected to the world. It was.

After years of hard work by the People’s Committee, Wards 10 and 14 of Thur Panchayat The dirt road was made real. However, due to the lack of wide bridges, the benefit of this road to the locals Not found. Bring oxen, tillers and other tools to prepare the ground for the field. Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys will fit. Residents of the area sent silver coins.

District Panchayat Gam Janish P. Jose is now leading the way in building a wide bridge. Dedicated to.



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