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Adding smart and dazzling effects to any daily necessities may be the trend of the future? Following the launch of the “Project Hazel” smart mask by Razer, the well-known computer peripheral manufacturer NZXT has recently collaborated with the art studio RTKFT to launch a pair of sneakers equipped with RTX 3080!

  • NZXT, a well-known overseas computer peripheral manufacturer, has recently cooperated with art studio RTKFT to launch a pair of sports shoes equipped with RTX 3080
  • This pair of sneakers with built-in RTX 3080 graphics card is called “SNEAKERS MASTER RACE”, which is officially described as a pair of “next-generation sports shoes”
  • The sneakers are partially translucent, can see the central circuit, and come with fans, display screens, etc.

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RTKFT announced on Twitter a few days ago that it is cooperating with NZXT to launch a pair of sports shoes “SNEAKERS MASTER RACE” with a built-in RTX 3080 graphics card. Although the official has not announced more information, it can be seen from the clip that the pair of sneakers are designed in purple, white and black colors. The purple part is semi-transparent and the central circuit can be seen. Interestingly, the sports shoes have a fan at the bottom and a circular display screen on the shoes. After connecting to a computer, they can directly control the display content. It looks very tidal and quickly attracted the attention of Internet users.

Officials have now revealed that this is a pair of “next-generation sports shoes”, but some netizens speculate that this may be a special PC with the appearance of sports shoes.

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