Rubber ball battle Thailand League Hope for next week. FEC.

Rubber ball battle Thailand League Hope for next week. FEC.

Air Chief Marshal Chakra Suwan To Charoen, Secretary General of the Volleyball Association of Thailand revealed that after the Committee on Communicable Diseases, Bangkok Has announced relief of 13 locations to open for business normally on January 22

Make the stadium Or the competition field, which the BMA has ordered to close earlier Can return to normal use But also prohibits spectators from entering the stadium, however, it also has a positive effect on each volleyball club In the 16th Thailand League Volleyball Tournament, Season 2020-21, which athletes can return to practice

The Secretary-General of the Volleyball Association said that while the return of the tournament. Volleyball Association Has sent plans and measures for organizing competitions to Ministry of Tourism and Sports And the Center for the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (BEC) to approve the return to compete again by the CRC will consider plans And the measure of the competition next week

Volleyball Association Will accelerate the procurement of the competition field Including will be announced at least 15 days before the race starts with the Daikin race expected. The 16th Thailand Volleyball League 2020-21 season will start again as soon as possible in the 2nd or 3rd week of February 2021.

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