Rugby 7s team “regains Asia’s best at Asian Games”

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“At next year’s Asian Games, we will definitely regain the top spot in Asia.”

The Korean Rugby Association announced on the 14th that the 7-member Korean Rugby national team has finished all schedules for the ‘2022 Rugby Sevens World Cup’ held in South Africa on the 13th and returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport on the 13th. The 7 member national rugby team, led by coach Charlie Lowe, recorded 2 wins and 2 losses in the 2022 World Rugby Sevens Cup competition held between the 9th and 11th of this month coming 21st among 24 teams .

The national team lost to Wales (10-33) and Uganda (0-12), but after defeating Zimbabwe 21-19 to reap their first victory in the tournament, they defeated Portugal 12-10 in the final 21-22 position. An official from the Rugby Union said, “Even though we failed to progress to the round of 16, it is a valuable achievement just to have successfully tried (to score) by meeting the most powerful countries in the world on behalf of Asia .”

Coach Charlie Lowe said, “The future goal of the national team is to regain the strongest place in Asia at the Hangzhou Asian Games next year. The President of the Rugby Union, Choi Yoon, who left for South Africa where the Rugby Sevens World Cup will be held on the 6th, arrived with the national team on the same day as well.

Chairman Choi Yoon said, “It’s a good first step for Korean rugby to be ranked 21st in the world,” he said.

By Kim Dong-hyun

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