Rui Hachimura scored 16 points off the bench, but the Wizards lost to the Cavaliers in overtime for their first loss of the season – Basket Count |

Scored the most points among the bench members, but no playing time in the latter stages

The Wizards vs. Cavaliers game was a deadly battle that went into overtime, but the Wizards lost 7 points in overtime only to Donovan Mitchell, delayed by 4 points on offense, and lost with a final score of 107-117. The opening winning streak ended at 2 and became the first black star of the season.

Rui Hachimura, who stood on the court in the middle of the first quarter, received a skip pass from Kyle Kuzma, who posted up, and succeeded in a 3-point shot. In addition, Kevin Love, who is on his own mark, takes advantage of the gap when Kristaps Porzingis focuses his attention and decides on his pull-up specialty. Then, in the remaining 3 and a half minutes, he led the fast attack and managed to dunk easily, suddenly showing a big profit of 10 points.

After that, Hachimura, who stood on the court again in the middle of the 3rd quarter, decided to jump from the drive, and at the beginning of the 4th quarter, he managed to run an alley with Deron Wright from the transition period, leading the offense.

The Wizards found themselves trailing by seven points with 1:25 remaining, but took control when Porzingis sank a 3-pointer and Bradley Beal made a free steal from ball carrier Donovan Mitchell. made a quick break to equalize at the last minute. However, in overtime, he committed three turnovers and made just one of five free throws, slowing to 4-14.

Hachimura scored 16 points, including two successful 3-point shots, and became the leading scorer of the bench members, but did not get playing time in the final stages or overtime, and remained in the game for 20 minutes.

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