Rui Zhiyuan diagnosed with the disease does not affect the shooting of “Tai Zong Li Fangyuan” | Rui Zhiyuan | Epoch Times

[EpochTimesNovember292021](The Epoch Times reporter Le Huixuan compiled a report) The crew of South Korea’s KBS1 TV new drama “Taejong Li Fangyuan” issued an official statement on the 28th that South Korean actress Rui Zhiyuan (also translated: Rui Zhiyuan) was diagnosed with infection In case of COVID-19 (Chinese Communist virus/Wuhan pneumonia), she did not contact the crew after she was diagnosed, which will not affect the filming progress of the new drama.

The crew of “Tai Zong Li Fangyuan” issued a public statement stating that “actor Rui Zhiyuan received a positive COVID-19 verdict on November 27. It is speculated that she was infected after participating in other activities on November 24 and contacting the confirmed person”, and stated that “she was confirmed on 23rd. After the shooting on the day, there was no contact with the staff of the “Tai Zong Li Fangyuan” crew and other actors.”

At present, Rui Zhiyuan has cancelled all work arrangements and conducted independent isolation. The shooting of “Tai Zong Li Fangyuan” has changed, but it will not affect the process. The crew statement stated that Rui Zhiyuan was quarantined from November 27 to December 7, during which time other actors’ parts will be filmed first.

The statement also stated that so far the crew has done their best to take preventive measures through regular PCR testing, epidemic prevention and fever inspections. In order to avoid future problems, they will continue to observe the situation and strengthen epidemic prevention measures.

KBS1 TV’s new historical drama “Taejong Li Fangyuan” tells the story of the “Li Mo Xianchu” period when the third king of Korea, Li Fangyuan, broke the old order of Goryeo and created a new order in Korea. Starring by actors such as Zhu Sang Wook, Kim Yong Cheol, Park Jin Hee, Rui Ji Won and others. The play will premiere on the evening of December 11.

Rui Zhiyuan made his debut in the year-end drama of MBC TV in 1996. His main representative works include “Delicious Life”, “We Shanxi”, “Producer”, “Yes, Wu Haiying”, “Witty Doctor Life” and so on.

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