Rukiya Anpo suddenly requests Minoru Kimura to play. Kimura says, “I wonder if it’s gone. I want to think about it.”[K-1]| TOKYO HEADLINE

Anpo who launched a match against Kimura at a press conference at dawn

Anpo “I’m waiting for a good answer”

“K-1 WORLD GP 2021 JAPAN ~ Super Welter Weight & Feather Weight Double Title Match ~” (December 4, Osaka EDION Arena Osaka) was held on December 5 in Osaka City. ..

Rukiya Anpo (CLUB es / team ALL-WIN), who won 1R against Kaito in the 13th game, lost to Hiromi Wajima in the final match at K-1 Kimura “PURGE TOKYO” Called for a match.

Regarding the future, Anpo said, “The condition is good at all, and I’d like to play a match next February, but there is no Japanese opponent in the welterweight division. Noiri and I are the two top players.” “This time, it’s a suggestion from me, but Minoru Kimura played the final match yesterday. I think this is the final match, but I think it’s the final match, but I’m still losing in the last match. I don’t think it’s refreshing to be on the stage, so I’d like to do it with Kimura. I’m selling Kenka, so I’ll match it to 70kg as a special match. Could you let me do it? I think this is the most exciting card among Japanese K-1 players right now. I’m waiting for a good answer. “Suddenly, he launched a match against Kimura.

As for Kimura, he said, “I’ve always wanted to play a match. I wanted to play with Kimura after this match” at the match with Yamazaki last year (September 22, K-1 Osaka Tournament). I think Kimura is in the same situation. Looking ahead, I lost to Wajima. I understand my feelings. I think it would be different to go somewhere as it is. “I’m doing it,” he added to himself, who lost to Hideaki Yamazaki last summer.



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