Ruling and Opposition Parties Clash Over Proposal for ‘People’s Livelihood Summit’

Leaders of the Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) and the People’s Power Party (PPP) engaged in a heated verbal clash during the recent holiday period over the DPK’s proposal for a “people’s livelihood summit.” DPK Leader Lee Jae-myung put forward this proposal on Chuseok, but the PPP criticized it as another bulletproof strategy, labeling it an attempt to evade a crisis. The DPK, in response, accused the PPP of repeating the same tactics and not prioritizing the people’s livelihood.

This proposal by Representative Lee is perceived by some as an attempt to assert his political influence, putting the issue of people’s livelihood at the forefront and applying pressure on both the government and the ruling party, especially in light of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s ongoing investigation. However, the President’s Office has chosen to remain silent without providing any specific response.

Representative Lee had previously expressed the desire to address the people’s livelihood issues and urged for an end to political wrangling at least until the regular session of the National Assembly in December. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the people’s well-being and criticized the current state of politics that disregards their concerns.

Despite Representative Lee’s repeated requests for a meeting, the President’s Office continues to maintain its policy of not responding directly. Officials have cited the ongoing investigation and the nature of the meeting with a defendant as reasons for their stance.

The PPP criticized this proposal as a means to deflect attention from Representative Lee’s own judicial risks and dismissed it as a strategy to avoid further issues. They called for a focus on the meeting between the ruling and opposition parties instead.

In response to the PPP’s rejection, the DPK expressed frustration, accusing the PPP of engaging in political contention rather than addressing the people’s livelihood concerns. The DPK questioned the PPP’s reluctance to meet, suggesting they are afraid of confronting the issues. This exchange between the parties has created a deadlock and a lack of communication.

While there are differing opinions within the DPK regarding the timing of the proposal, with some suggesting it is inappropriate at this time, others stress the importance of finding common ground and taking action to improve people’s livelihoods.

In conclusion, the proposal for a people’s livelihood summit by DPK Leader Lee Jae-myung has sparked intense debates and criticism from the PPP. The President’s Office has chosen not to respond, and the political parties remain at odds over the prioritization of meetings between the ruling and opposition parties or between the President and the opposition leader.

Democratic Party of Korea Leader Lee Jae-myung (left) and President Yoon Seok-yeol. 2022.3.4 News 1

The ruling and opposition parties continued their harsh war of words throughout the holiday over the proposal for a ‘people’s livelihood summit’ that Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, put forward on Chuseok. The People’s Power Party criticized it as “another bulletproof strategy” and “an attempt to avoid a crisis” and dismissed it as a priority for talks between the opposition and opposition parties, while the Democratic Party said, “We want to take care of the people’s livelihood , but as a broken record, we are only repeating bulletproof tactics” and proposed a proposal to the Office of the President.

While the political world continues to interpret this as “Representative Lee’s attempt to take the lead in the political situation by putting ‘people’s livelihood’ first and putting pressure on the government and the ruling party before he returns to duty after dismissing the arrest. warrant,” the President’s Office did not provide any particular response, but instead maintained its position with silence. .

● Lee, Office of the President says “no position” on the proposal for an 8th meeting

Representative Lee posted on his Facebook page on the 29th of last month, “Let’s stop political wrangling and focus on solving the people’s livelihood at least until the regular session of the National Assembly in December.” “I hope things can be done quickly,” he wrote. He mentioned ‘people’s livelihood’ six times in the article, saying, “People who are suffering are concerned and uncomfortable with war-like politics that ignore the people’s livelihood and deny the other party, rather than a good natured competition to see who does. better.” “The opposition parties will put their heads together as a sign of recovery,” he added. He added, “I’m looking forward to a progressive decision from the President.” This is the eighth time that Representative Lee has proposed a meeting with President Yoon since he became the party leader in August last year. He asked to meet for three consecutive days starting the night he won the national convention, and even before the Chuseok holiday last year, he posted on Facebook, “Let’s meet right after Chuseok.” At the New Year’s press conference in January this year, he said, “I have already offered to meet with the president several times. “That offer is still valid.”

Despite Rep. Lee’s repeated requests, the Office of the President intends to continue its policy of not responding. In a phone call on the 2nd, a key official in the Office of the President said, “We will not make any special statement,” and “The situation will not change.” Another official responded negatively, saying, “The meeting between the President and the CEO would only have happened during the lifetime of the ‘imperial ruler’.” This is due to the perception that it is inappropriate for Representative Lee and President Yoon, who is under investigation by the prosecution, to sit face to face, as the person that Representative Lee must facing is not only the leader of the ruling party.

● 與 “Another bulletproof strategy” 野 “Are we going to answer with political contention?”

The People’s Power Party criticized Representative Lee’s meeting proposal as ‘a bulletproof strategy to avoid a crisis.’ Chief Spokesman Kang Min-guk said in a commentary on the 1st, “It is a shallow plan to weaken public opinion that focuses on Rep. Lee’s judicial risks that have not yet been resolved,” and “It is a strategy stop another bullet.” General Secretary Lee Cheol-gyu also dismissed the proposal on Facebook, saying, “It is a proposal for a meeting between the leaders to avoid a crisis by a defendant who is on trial for crimes against election law and corruption in Daejeon-dong and a suspect who is being investigated for other crimes such as inciting perjury.”

Attention was also drawn to the fact that the meeting between the ruling and opposition parties takes priority. Representative Kim Ki-hyun met with reporters on the 2nd and noted, “This is not the time to go to the wrong place and say the wrong thing,” and added, “Find the right direction and return quickly to the meeting between the ruling opposition parties and the opposition parties is the usual procedure.” Chief Speaker Yoo Sang-beom also asked in a commentary on the day, “Why do we insist on holding talks between the opposition parties and the opposition parties while remaining silent on the proposal for a meeting between the ruling and the opposition parties to discuss upcoming issues. piling up in the National Assembly, saying, ‘Let’s focus on solving the people’s livelihood’?”

On Facebook, Park Dae-chul, chairman of the policy committee, criticized Hong Ik-pyo, the Democratic Party’s new floor leader, when he was the ruling party’s spokesman, saying, “The one-to-one leader meeting was one is something that was held during the authoritarian regime in the past when there was an imperial ruler,” adding, “During the ruling party, the leadership meeting was a relic of the past.” He also noted, “They refused, but when they were in the opposition, they encouraged him as if they had entrusted him with credit.”

In response to this, the Democratic Party said angrily, “We asked for the livelihood of the people, but the answer was a political dispute.” Chief Speaker Kwon Chil-seung said in a written briefing on the 1st, “I wonder if the proposal for a ‘people’s livelihood meeting’ is something to reject like a swarm of bees,” and protested, “Is the meeting between the President? and the leader of the opposition even the inter-Korean summit?” Spokesman Kang Seon-woo also said, “Ultimately, the People’s Power Party’s refusal to meet with the leaders is a declaration of war that will continue the deadlock of lack of communication,” and told Rep. Kim , “When he asks for a meeting like that. , he is so afraid of it that he wants to avoid it.” “Are you asking to meet me?” he asked.

However, even within the party, attention was drawn to the fact that the timing was inappropriate. Choi Jae-seong, a former Democratic Party lawmaker who served as senior political affairs secretary in the Blue House, said on KBS radio on the 2nd, “Now is not the time to look at the summit talks between the two leaders, but internal. , we need to achieve grand unification and peace, and then take meaningful policy action to save the livelihood of the people.” .

Correspondent Kim Ji-hyeon
Reporter Jang Seok-seok

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