Rumor Ending Station” Internet transmission of yellow teeth can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide?Food and Drug Administration: It’s very irritating, don’t use it indiscriminately

Yellow teeth bother many people. It is said on the Internet that hydrogen peroxide can effectively whiten teeth. The Food and Drug Administration reminds people not to try it at will; the picture shows a situational photo. (The picture is taken from Pixabay)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Some people have not cultivated good teeth cleaning habits, causing food and vegetable residues to remain between their teeth, which will turn into tartar and dental plaque over time, and finally form tartar, and their teeth will become discolored. In order to find a solution, there are rumors on the Internet that a method of using hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen oxide (H2O2), to clean teeth, but the Food and Drug Administration reminds that today dentists do not directly use hydrogen peroxide in the mouth in clinical practice. Feel free to use common sense at home to avoid tooth damage.

Teeth are the facade of a person, and exposing yellow teeth may give the impression of demerit points. But some people do not develop good tooth brushing habits, or long-term smoking addicts will make their teeth yellow gradually. In order to turn teeth back to the whitening color, there are many methods circulating on the Internet, one of which is to use hydrogen peroxide to clean the teeth, and that hydrogen peroxide not only has a whitening effect, but also sterilizes and disinfects at the same time.

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Regarding the rumors circulating on the Internet, the Food and Drug Administration stated that hydrogen peroxide can generally be used to disinfect wounds. However, the common 3% hydrogen peroxide is an indicator drug and is irritating, so it is only suitable for disinfection of superficial wounds. The Food and Drug Administration also said that the current use of hydrogen peroxide is not approved for use in teeth, and dentists will not directly use hydrogen peroxide in the mouth in clinical practice, reminding the public that they should not use hydrogen peroxide on their teeth at home to avoid tooth damage. .

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