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The picture shows the AirPods wireless headphones that are still on the market, with a headphone box that supports wireless charging. (Picture / Photo from Apple’s official website)

Apple is actively deploying the pace of the wireless headset market, and it is reported that it is speeding up with all its strength. Its AirPods series will launch more new products this year and continue to expand its market share. According to a foreign media Macrumos report, the new generation of AirPods 3 (tentative name) with a revised shape, the size of the handle, will likely be shortened and maintain the same length as AirPods Pro. In addition to still having the basic functions of a wireless charging box, it will also Optimize and improve battery life and wireless pairing efficiency. It is expected to officially debut in the first half of this year, and the fastest time is expected to appear at Apple’s March Apple Spring Conference.

It has been nearly two years since Apple launched AirPods 2, which supports wireless charging in 2019. As the successor to the third-generation AirPods Pro 3, what changes and features are worth looking forward to? Regarding this, Macrumos aggregated relevant market rumors and broke the news and pointed out that there are three main bright spots.

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1. The appearance design of the “evolution version”

In order to differentiate from the high-end price positioning AirPods Pro, AirPods 3 will still not have active anti-noise technology. However, the overall appearance of the headset will be updated and updated, and it will be more compact than the previous generation. The grip retains the pressing control and shortens the length of the grip, which is estimated to be about the same as the grip length of the AirPods Pro. The main body of the earphone adopts an “in-ear” design, and gives the shape characteristics of rounded arc lines.

2. Performance upgrade

In the hardware specification configuration, it will be equipped with a new generation of wireless chips as the main feature, demanding better battery life than the previous generation and efficiency performance when paired with connected devices.

As for whether there will be a U1 chip that supports UWB ultra-wideband technology, so that AirPods 3 has a precise positioning function, so that users can find the location of the headset more quickly when the headset is lost, it remains to be seen.

3. The price remains unchanged

Under the premise that it does not support active noise reduction technology, foreign media Macrumos estimates that the price of the new generation of AirPods 3 is expected to remain the same as the previous generation (Taiwan price is 6,490 yuan), focusing on the demand for “performance upgrades, appearance The “redesigned design” feature makes users “feel” the upgrade.

In addition, to welcome the Lunar New Year, Apple recently (1/7) put up the “AirPods Pro Year of the Ox Limited Edition” on its official website, mainly under the charging indicator number of the wireless charging box, with a special “engraving” of the Year of the Ox pattern. , And emphasized that the limited quantity is sold out, and the listed price in Taiwan is 7,990 yuan. (Picture / Photo from Apple’s official website)

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