Rumors about a room to rent Former DJ Extinguishing the mystery of the 3rd body, writing, saying goodbye, seeing ghosts every night

Former DJ, handsome voice, died in a rented room Write a sad goodbye There are ghosts in the room every night. The officer collected the terrifying body. Having revealed that there is a dead person in this room, this is the third body.

Yesterday (June 4), Sawangporn Kuson Rayong Rescue Unit, Village Headman Moo 2, Choeng Noen Sub-District, and police officers inspected the Muang Rayong police station and the villagers heard a rotten smell coming from a rented room. The scene found the body of Mr. Guard, 77 years old, former DJ with a handsome voice. Pseudonym: DJ Chaiya, handsome voice Died for about 3-5 days by friends. The room next door did not know that there was a dead person in the room next to each other.

Research the deceased, write the illness and the obstacle in the diary and on the wall of the rented room. By writing the symptoms of an illness that you have to suffer. When will the karma be over? because of many illnesses And also found the spirit Hian In the room that haunts But he didn’t know where he could escape from. because I can’t help myself

Upon questioning the villagers, it was reported that the guard rarely spoke to anyone, spoke nicely, and wrote beautiful books.

while the inspector has found a piece of paper in a diary which reads: “There are ghosts in the room every night. Where I live, it’s a temple. he who is strong I do not know whether I should do him merit or not. He came to attack me, my karma, to be honest, no one believed him. think I’m crazy I don’t know what to do torture They filled the room, day and night, playing all kinds of things against me. I’m going to be nervous, Chaiya Yam sign.”

after the staff read this paper to everyone The officers collecting the bodies were shocked. because another officer said In this rented room, someone died, this body was the third body, the first body hanged, the 2nd body died for unknown reasons, and the 3rd body was former DJ Chaiya Sound Lo who died this time. along with explaining that a spirit attacked itself and died

Mr. Chaiya wrote on the wall of the room that Do not create karma and create karma. I’m not angry with anyone. What will happen will be karma. let’s love each other Whoever comes to stay in this room, I wish you peace and happiness. No, I’m like you. Not a younger brother, just like a younger brother because we are adjacent rooms Don’t commit any karma.

Causing the rescuers and the tenants of the room next to each other to scare each other before rushing the body to send the autopsy to Rayong Hospital to find out the true cause of death.