Rumors about “famous actress” – “singer” giving up What is the cause?

be called over a period of more than 1 week. Many people are still keeping an eye on the rumours. “famous heroine” with “singer” that shows love, cracks, breaks up continuously after the page is loud and develops Suggests riddles to make them wonder until many people focus on the couple. “famous heroine” with “singer” it was only a sweet moment that the man proposed on his knees at the end of 2021, when he looked at the couple’s personal Instagram. You will see that there is no link for the picture. Not posting pictures of the same couple until the question arises “Are you still in love with each other like before?”

And although there are many rumors out there, but the pair is “famous heroine” with “singer” There has been no explanation yet. The more people More and more wondering what happened? As far as linking to the third hand story? whole “famous heroine” a “singer” Recently, I knew what was the cause of this couple? by “Thairath Online” Came out to reveal the true depth of this couple “It’s a story about love that lasts longer. We’ve been through a lot, but things just don’t fit. 3 that not everyone can try to connect with is the source of this love problem

The deep problems of this couple believe that many couples have encountered them. is when you love each other for a long time love is not less But this comment fades. Lovers turn out to be ignored. because he thought he could do anything Whenever you turn around, you’ll see Finally, realizing again, he couldn’t turn around and he’d be standing in the same place. he will go

the last straw actress-singer It happens when different people work a lot every day. Therefore, there is not much time to meet. The heroine, when there is time, quickly clears the queue to find time to meet because she wants to spend time with her lover, while the singer, when she has free time, chooses to do so. hanging out with his friends. But hanging out with friends late at night is not a problem. but the problem is When it came time to make an appointment, the singer Dan didn’t wake up. Pouring did not follow the appointment, let the fans wait for it.

when very careless No matter how much you love, it’s not the same The heroine decides to give up and not continue. because I’m tired of giving him another chance Finally, the singer is now looking for another chance.”

In the end, the love story that shows love, breaking, breaking up between “famous heroines” and “singers” will be able to reconcile their understanding. Give each other a chance and reconcile? We will have to keep track of each other. However, I would like to cheer for both of them.

Thanks information from Thairath Online

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