Rumors Circulate about Leadership Changes at NSC and Police Chief Position

Rumors Circulate on Leadership Changes in Police and National Security Council

Pol Gen. Roy Ingkhapairoj Transferred to NSC Secretary Position; Pol Gen. Torsak Set to Become Next Police Chief

September 9, 2023 – Speculation is mounting regarding a significant shake-up in high-ranking law enforcement positions. According to reports, Pol Gen. Roy Ingkhapairoj, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police, and a seasoned veteran on the verge of retirement in 2024, will not be assuming the coveted role of Police Chief. Instead, rumors suggest that he has been granted a transfer to serve as the Secretary General of the prestigious National Security Council (NSC). This move comes as Gen. Supoj Malaniyom, the current NSC Secretary General, is scheduled for retirement at the end of September.

Consequently, Pol Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Deputy Police Commander, emerges as the prime candidate to ascend to the position of the 14th Police Chief. Possessing a year of remaining service and satisfying the necessary requirements, Pol Gen. Torsak is well-positioned to assume this influential role.

If these developments hold true, it marks a significant departure from the trend witnessed over the past two decades within the NSC. In recent history, all NSC Secretaries have hailed from the military, ensuring a consistent presence of outsiders in the position. Earlier reports hinted at Gen. Supoj’s intention to recommend Mr. Chatchai Bangchuat, Deputy Secretary General of the NSC, for a cabinet post. Mr. Bangchuat’s potential elevation would consequently promote him to the highest-ranking position within the NSC. However, only time will tell if he will face a similar fate as many of his predecessors, as younger individuals within the workforce often find themselves overlooked for such prestigious appointments.

Rumors spread that “Roy Ingkhapairoj” had been moved to the chairmanship of the NSC secretary, making way for “Pol. Gen. Torsak” to become the 14th police chief.

Today (September 9, 2023) rumors are circulating that the Pol Gen. Roy Ingkhapairoj, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, who is the elder. and will retire from government service in 2024, no chance of winning the seat There is a new police chief. Because he received approval to transfer to be the secretary general of the National Security Council or the NSC instead of Gen. Supoj Malaniyom, who will retire from government service on 30 September, leading to the Pol Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Deputy Police Commander, also has one year of service remaining. Meet the appropriate conditions to sit in the chair of the 14th Police Commander immediately.

However, if the said news is true. It can be considered that, during the last 20 years, the posts of secretary of the NSC have all been outsiders from the army. Almost all of them came to sit, and earlier there was news that Gen. Supoj is preparing to nominate Mr. Chatchai Bangchuat, deputy secretary general of the NSC, to the new cabinet for consideration. He has also risen to number 1 in the NSC, but we have to wait hard to see if the young people in the work line will be heartbroken like many older people before him.

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