Rumors claim that Sony will launch a revamped PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc design in autumn 2023, replacing the current disc and digital design with a single model #PS5 (182751)

Although the PlayStation 5 has had two minor revisions since its launch, the appearance has not been changed, mainly due to modifications to internal mechanisms including heat dissipation, motherboard design, etc. However, according to the latest revelations, Sony will announce the change in appearance in September 2023. The biggest difference between the larger PS5 console and the current model is that the optical disc drive will be changed to a detachable type , and USB Type-C for connecting the optical disc drive will be added to the back of the machine.

Once the fourth version of PS5 goes on sale, the first three versions of PS5 that currently use the same casing design will be discontinued. At that time, the newly designed PS5 will be available in a version sold with a detachable disc player and stand-alone version, instead of the current disc version As with the digital version, even if you buy a digital version without a CD-ROM drive, you can still to be used with the subsequent purchase of a CD-ROM drive.

▲ It is said that the fourth edition will no longer be divided into a CD-ROM version and a digital version, but will be replaced by a stand-alone version and a CD-ROM

According to the source, there will be no major changes to the hardware of the PS5 console in the fourth edition, mainly due to changes in the shell mechanism; according to the source, although the new PS5 CD-ROM will be detachable by then, Sony will use the mechanism through industrial design. , so that it will not affect the general feeling whether it is removed or installed; although the whistleblower did not reveal more information, changing the optical disc drive to removable may also mean that the new console will be thinner and lighter than the current one.

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