Rumors Swirl on Twitter and Reddit About Potential Sequel to ‘레드 데드 리뎀션’

Rumors of a Sequel to Popular Video Game Franchise Circulate Online

Recent discussions on Twitter and Reddit have ignited speculation about a possible sequel to the beloved video game series, Red Dead Redemption (hereafter referred to as “RDR”). On September 4th at approximately 6 am, a Twitter user by the handle “MyTimeToShineH” claimed that “RDR 3” was officially in production, sparking excitement among fans.

Known for sharing accurate news regarding the storylines and casting of Marvel movies, “MyTimeToShineH” has gained credibility as a reliable source. Notably, the user astounded followers by leaking the entire plot of the recent blockbuster film, “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” However, this is the first time the leaker has shared information related to video games.

Fan reactions to this news have been varied, with some pointing to a recent report linking the game’s publisher, Take-Two, to the production of “RDR 3.” More than a dozen articles have emerged purporting to confirm the authenticity of the leak. These pieces refer to statements made by Strauss Zelick, CEO of Take-Two, over the past two decades, hinting at the continuation of the franchise. According to an article penned by Zelick himself at a conference, he expressed his belief that RDR, much like the iconic “James Bond” series, could adapt and thrive through industry changes and technological advancements.

While some fans interpret Zelick’s remarks as official confirmation of a sequel, others remain skeptical. They argue that such statements merely hint at the possibility rather than providing concrete evidence. In fact, there are doubts about the reliability of these articles, as they appear to recycle similar content without verified sources.

Even if the rumors are indeed true, gamers may have to wait longer than expected to get their hands on the highly-anticipated sequel. Rockstar Games, the developer behind the RDR series, is notorious for its long development cycles and meticulous attention to detail. In fact, it took approximately eight years to complete the original game.

Currently on Twitter and Reddit <레드 데드 리뎀션 (이하 레데리)> There are rumors that a sequel to the series is in the works. This rumor came from Twitter user “MyTimeToShineH” on September 4th around 6am he said “<레데리 3>is officially in production!”

(Source: Twitter)

The leaker has mostly provided news related to the story and casting of Marvel movies, and has been hit on multiple occasions. especially <스파이더맨 노 웨이 홈>He is famous for being the first person to leak the entire story of it But for video games, this is a first.

Fan reactions to this have been mixed. Some fans said that ‘Take Two’ was reported a few days ago. <레데리 3>After confirming production’, more than a dozen articles are presented as evidence that this leak is true.

The articles are based on comments made by Strauss Zelick, CEO of Take-Two, during the past 21 years. <레데리> It speculates about the content related to the continuation of the franchise. The article was written by Strauss Zelick at a conference.a <레데리> The series, like the ‘James Bond’ series, will be able to survive forever through industry change and technological developments,” he said, claiming it as confirmation of making a sequel.

However, many fans say that this is just a hint that a sequel may be made, and cannot be considered an official announcement. In addition, there is a view that all articles published under the title are unreliable because they are confirmed to have been reported by patching similar content.

On the other hand, even if these rumors are true, it seems that it will take time to actually play. This is because Rockstar Games, who developed the series, is famous for its long release cycle and is known to focus on development. In fact, it took about 8 years from release ”to complete”.
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