“Runelords Arena Online” dual-platform officially launched “Runelords Arena Online” limited event simultaneous launch “Runelords Arena Online”

The strategy game “Runelords Arena Online”, represented by Monternet, was officially launched on both platforms today (18). The official said that the American design style and strategic gameplay will bring players a unique gaming experience. The official also announced. The first season of “Primary Ranking”, a real-time PVP mode that tests real-time brainpower duels and enjoys live-action competitions, has officially started.

  • Dual platform open

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Great analysis of the game system, easy to play without burden!

When the level encounters a bottleneck or encounters a strong opponent, players can use the “hero synthesis system” to synthesize low-level heroes as materials, and easily obtain high-level heroes to fight for you. Through the system rules, players can get up to SS Class hero! In addition, if you use the same hero as the material, you can not only improve the hero’s skills, but also break through the upper limit of the level, so as to greatly increase the hero’s combat effectiveness and accompany you to break through many difficulties!

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    High-level hero synthesis, allowing you to make a breakthrough in combat power!

There is a thoughtful “offline development system” in the game, so that players can easily obtain a lot of resources without burning the liver and mobile phones! When the player is offline, it will collect various materials and props according to the progress of the main line, including a large number of enhanced experience potions, gold coins… etc., which are one of the main sources of materials. You can accumulate up to 10 hours of rewards, allowing players to feel the dawn, easy to play without burden, just put it to achieve the increase in combat power!

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    The reward for getting enough sleep is also full, and all dreams are laughing!

The first season of the peak rankings kicks off!

One of the major features of the game, the real-time competitive mode “Primary Ranking”, will compete one-on-one with masters from all over! Compete for the position of the pinnacle king in the unpredictable battlefield, and test players’ real-time strategy and adaptability. The first season will start today, and you can participate as long as you reach 31 levels. In addition to rich rewards, there are also exclusive portrait frames for qualifying. You can wear it while you wear it. The sparkling gold makes you have wind when you walk. Players who love PVP competition should not miss it!

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    The position of the pinnacle king is waiting for you!

The exclusive launch event for the opening of the server is started simultaneously, and a large number of rewards are broadcast!

To celebrate the opening of the server, the official launch of a series of exclusive campaigns for the opening of the server! It includes a variety of rankings, such as the brain-burning “Braves Expedition” and the “level glory” of the king, the “ranking hall” that loves PVP, and the “Guild of Kings” where unity is power. Players can choose their favorite Challenge the leaderboards, or take them all! Massive rewards will be released, and compete with all the players!

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    Who will be the 1%?


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