‘Running Man’ Jeon Surprise comment from So-min “Cho Kyu-seong, my boyfriend… I’m secretly dating in my heart”?[M+TView]

Running Man Jeon So-min and actor Jeon So-min admitted their love for soccer player Cho Kyu-sung. Photo = Catch the ‘Running Man’ broadcast

Actress Jeon So-min admitted her love for soccer player Cho Kyu-seong.
On SBS ‘Running Man’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 4th, the members who were watching the football match Korea VS Ghana 20022 went together on the airwaves.
On this day, the members gathered in one place and started watching football.
Before the game, they spent time commenting on the clothes and accessories they were wearing.
Then Cho Kyu-seong appeared on the screen, and Kim Jong-guk said, “Cho Kyu-seong was a center back, but he changed to a striker when he went to university.”
Then he praised, “He was very good at leading.”
Then Jeon So-min mentioned, “Actually, he’s my boyfriend.”
In addition, he smiled and said, “I’m in a secret relationship in my heart.”
Also, Jeon So-min said, “Is ‘Running Man’ coming out? I hope you come out,” he said, revealing his inner thoughts.
Jeon So-min was excited along with the members when Cho Kyu-seong scored consecutive goals.
Eventually, he mentioned “I love you Bento” and laughed.
On the other hand, Kim Jong-guk even shed tears at Jo Kyu-sung’s consecutive goals. However, he expressed anger at the referee’s decision to end the game without conceding a corner kick before the end of the game.

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