Home Sports Running out of ammunition! Madrid did not penetrate the home of Villarreal, holding tight to the top of the crowd.

Running out of ammunition! Madrid did not penetrate the home of Villarreal, holding tight to the top of the crowd.

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Coach Carlo Ancelotti’s “White King” is a bit disappointed after hosting the 0-0 draw at home to Villarreal, increasing to 17 points from 7 games, firmly occupying the top of the crowd. The Yellow Submarine is still undefeated in less than one game with eight points and is 10th in the Spanish La Liga on Saturday night.

Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu

Spanish La Liga football match on Saturday night, September 25, 2021 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, “White King” meets “Yellow Submarine”.

The White King, Real Madrid under the supervision of Carlo Ancelotti’s team made a very hot season. Leading as the crowd sergeant 5 out of 6 games plus scatter shots

Unai Emery’s Villarreal, ranked 12th in the table, is a difficult task. Although the form may not be satisfying, but still not defeated in the league.

10 minutes through the picture of the game, open, exchange for fun “White King” with more finishing strokes than the “yellow submarine”, waiting for the opportunity to counter well several times, but still not hitting the frame together, both pairs

Two minutes later, Villarreal missed a golden opportunity from the unique ability of Anout Danyuma, snatching away from Marco Asensio, dragging him into the penalty area and getting a spinning box on the right to save Tiblo. Only Courtois

In the 22nd minute, “White King” made some punches. Vinicius Junior pulled up to the left before the sign went in for Karim Benzema to dress up to the right to get a spinning box in front of the 18-yard frame, the ball curved off the first post like unfortunate

Later in the 24th minute, this time from the right side, Rodrigo Goes set up a cross into the penalty area, but the ball shook deep, almost hitting the first post. Fortunately, Kerenimo Ruyi was not afraid to slap off. after

Six minutes later, Villarreal immediately countered from a coordinated rhythm in the middle of the field, where Jeremi Pino came off the left side and got a patch into the penalty area for Paco Alcacer to flick to the left. Safe, Thibaut Courtois flops unbelievable.

At the end of the first half, both teams narrowly won, Real Madrid got a penalty from Nacho Fernandez’s drop in the penalty area, unfortunately VAR did not allow, while the “yellow submarine” was A. The same Nout Danyuma hit from the right in the 6-yard box, flinching over the crossbar.

The first half is over, Real Madrid 0, Villarreal 0.

In the 51st minute, from a free-kick in front of the left side of the penalty area, Marco Asensio spun the ball in front of the 6-yard frame to Eder Militao, swooping in front of Pao Torres, dropping a strike through the front of the door, falling behind. incredible

4 minutes later, the visiting team went some. Juan Foyt snatched up to the right, cut the hole to the far post for Anout Danyuma to insert the right to save Thibolt Courtois. Good luck, Adair Militao came to the rescue in time.

In the 57th minute, Juan Foyt hit the ball in the penalty area, dropped into the six-yard box to Paco Alcacer, hovering to change the way across the hand, Thiblot Courtois fell to the far post, almost reaching Pao. Torres regrets the ball coming off the back

At the end of the game, the locals were swept away by Eden Hazard to collect the ball at the end of the right line before scooping into the penalty area, dropping into the head. Isco hit the front of the 6-yard box, stuck at the end of Kerenimo Ruyi’s hand, pulled out as usual.

After that, no more scores, the game ends, Real Madrid 0, Villarreal 0.

List of players who actually played on the field

Real Madrid (4-3-3) Thibolt Courtois – Fede Valverde, David Alaba, Eder Militao, Nacho Fernandez – Marco Asensio (Isco. 81), Luka Modric (Eden Hazard, 73), Enrique Casemiro – Rodrigo Goes (Eduardo Gamavinka, 46), Ka Rim Benzema, Vinicius Jr.

Trainer: Carlo Ancelotti

Villarreal (4-3-3) Kerenimo Ruyi; Juan Foyt (Mario Gaspar, 86), Raul Albiol, Pao Torres, Alberto Moreno; Dani. Parejo, Etienne Capu, Francis Coquelin (Bulay Dia 58) – Jeremi Pino (Manuel Trigueros 84), Paco Alca Ser (Moy Gomez, n. 58), Anout Danyuma (Reuben Pina, n. 84)

Trainer: Unai Emery

Running out of ammunition!  Madrid did not penetrate the home of Villarreal, holding tight to the top of the crowd.

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