Rural Medicine Club Behind-the-scenes post of ‘ready doctors’ to shut down vaccine attacks

29 May 2021


Rural Medicine Club Behind-the-scenes post “Doctor Ready” plans to shut down the vaccine due to failing to arrive.

Rural Medicine Club Post a message stating that Secret trick COVID vaccine Part 1 What happened toDoctor ready Therefore had to shut down suddenly The government ordered an end to enrollment in ready doctors. Bamrasnaradura postponed the appointment of Astra for injections, after which Minister Anutin announced that the vaccine was available, which could prevent COVID. Plus, with the news of the Royal College of Chulabhorn to import the Sino Farm vaccine for sale, the turbulence immediately occurred.

Thai people nowadays expect the coronavirus vaccine very much. Like a life jacket on a boat that was facing storms, waves, strong winds while the ship was about to capsize. Vaccination is the hope of everyone. So D-Day, June 7, injecting AstraZeneca throughout Thailand is very meaningful. Are the days of hope So what really happened?

The answer to what actually happened is that The answer is too difficult to find? There was no official announcement. Therefore have to piece together the event Plus finding deep information Therefore enough to get the following

Actually the appDoctor readyIt doesn’t have any problems in and of itself. But the reason for having to stop using the doctor app ready to queue for injectionsCOVID vaccine Because the Astra vaccine from Siam Biocyte did not follow the appointment Is to come late and come less than what was promised When the item is low, if the registration continues, there will be no vaccine to be injected on the booking date. The easiest solution is Close the system, the doctor is ready enough.

Together with Lampang, the model that makes the CRC pressures all provinces Imitation There has been a mix of names of interested persons to get vaccinated without questioning the will of the person. Until the total number of bookings is 10 times more, when the vaccine does not come on schedule, it becomes even worse. There is demand but there is no supply.

And the situation of the COVID outbreak is concentrated in some provinces. But the doctor is ready to go back a lot in the province with a low epidemic This makes the few vaccines not responding to the reduction in morbidity and mortality in severe epidemic areas. Must be arranged according to the reservation

ifCOVID vaccineWhen it comes enough, there probably won’t be anything. But when the AstraZeneca vaccine came less than what was promised Together with the above three reasons The FDA therefore chose to announce the closure of the app.Doctor readyGo first instead of telling the truth to the doctor and the public. The Doctor app is ready, so it has become a bad doctor, and may not be able to return to the vaccine reservation again.

The finished doctor is B.C., on behalf of Prime Minister Prayut But the real culprit is that Siam Biocyte delivered fewer vaccines than planned.

P.S. It’s not Siam Biocyte’s fault. The first batch of vaccines Must go through steps and obstacles He did his best and all his strength. But the government should tell the people the facts honestly.



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