“Rushdie is attacked with a knife, take away the ventilator and converse … the perception of humor is nonetheless there” (Detailed)

In an interview two weeks back, he stated, “Now I appear to have returned to my usual everyday living”

Salman Rushdie

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(Seoul, Washington = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Yeon-sook, Reporter Kang Byung-cheol = writer of ‘Devil’s Poem’ Salman Rushdi (75) was reported to have recovered to the extent of staying capable to take away the ventilator and have and a dialogue a working day right after an assault with a weapon.

“Rushdie’s ventilator has been removed and he is on the highway to restoration,” Andrew Wiley, publishing agent at Rushdie, stated in a statement.

Previously, Rushdi’s co-author Atishi Tashir tweeted the other night time, “Rushdi took the ventilator off and was conversing (he was also joking).

Rushdi’s son, Jafar, said in a statement on behalf of the relatives, “Although the personal injury is serious, his father’s optimistic and demanding feeling of humor is nonetheless alive.” He then expressed his gratitude to the audience, the police, and the professional medical staff who assisted his father throughout the lecture.

Rushdie was stabbed in the neck and stomach by a knife worn by a male in his 20s who rushed to the phase though getting ready a lecture at a literature competition held in Shutterquare, New York the day before.

Rushdie, who was significantly wounded, was taken to a nearby clinic and underwent surgical procedure, soon after Wiley unveiled he was on a ventilator.

Wiley also claimed that the nerves in Rushdie’s arm were severed, his liver was ruined and he was possible to reduce a person eye.

Rushdi has endured death threats for many years as he faces intense accusations from the Muslim entire world for his disrespectful portrayal of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in his 1988 novel The Devil’s Poem.

Tehran billboard painted by Iran's supreme leader
Tehran billboard painted by Iran’s supreme leader

Tehran (AFP = Yonhap Information) – Citizens of Tehran move in front of a billboard with portraits of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (still left) and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, on March 13 (community time). 2022.8.14 llun@yna.co.kr

He is known to have explained in an job interview with the media just two weeks right before this incident, ‘It seems that he has returned to a ordinary lifetime now’, and this brings about regret about the attack.

He said in an interview with the German news magazine Stern, that existence would have been a lot additional dangerous if he had social media at the time he was crafting the devil’s poem.

Referring to 1989 when Iran’s then supreme leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a ‘fatwa’ (interpretation of Islamic law) contacting for him to be killed, he explained, “Fatwa is significant. Thankfully, there was no web in the when.” The Iranians despatched a Fatwa to the mosque by fax, and that is all a thing of the previous. These days, my existence has come to be incredibly typical once more.”

Questioned what he fears now, he said, “In the past, I would have stated I was a spiritual fanatic, but I don’t say that any more. The greatest danger we face now is the decline of democracy,” he additional the Guardian.


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