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Rushing to move drug therapists out of Wat Tha Phu waiting to be sent home – Post Today Regional News

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Speeding up the transfer of drug therapists from Wat Tha Phu waiting to be sent home.

On September 20, 2021 at 8:30 p.m.

Kanchanaburi – The governor of Kanchanaburi rushed to solve the problem of Tha Phu Temple drug addiction treatment center. Tamarind checkpoint received complaints The abbot was so stressed that he died. While rushing to move the patient to rest, he hit the cock waiting for his parents to pick him up.

In case of complaints, the drug addiction rehabilitation center should be examined. Wat Tha Phurat Bamrung Dan Makham Tia Subdistrict Dan Makham Tia District, Kanchanaburi Province, where relatives of the patients complained that the temple threatened to charge and assault them.

On September 20, the religious group led Phrakhru Ladprasit Rutintharo, the abbot of Wat Tha Phuratbamrung. The unconscious body brought the unconscious body to the pavilion to heal, but it appears that Phra Khrua Ladprasit He was seriously ill and died at 2:30 p.m. Later, Mr. Paisan Ruangrit, a lawyer, along with Mr. Jiraphan Petchkhao or Doctor Pla, traveled to Tha Phu Temple. to ask to see the scene of the accident and inquire about the management of the rehabilitation center After submitting a complaint letter to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Public Health to examine

There were discussions with Ms. Pensri Klanbut, Dan Makham Tia District Chief, Prachya Chaiwaranurak. Kanchanaburi Provincial Justice Pol. Col. Banjong Amrit, Deputy Commander of the Kanchanaburi Provincial Police. Pol Col Atthasit Poomketkaew, Superintendent of Dan Makham Tia Police Station, Mr. Ukrit Busabong, Dan Makham Tia District Public Health, Mrs. Wanpen Pimchamjarat Director of the treatment center and Phra Chanwit Chitmaro, secretary of the treatment center

Attorney Paisan inquired about complaints about assault charges, crowded places, unsanitary conditions. Including about the establishment of a treatment center according to the law. At the same time, the lawyer Paisan has asked the treatment center to help open a sleeping building with about 300 therapists inside the building. But the responsible person claimed that he could not make a decision.

Then Doctor Pla called Mr. Jeerakiat Phumsawat, Governor of Kanchanaburi Province to ask for help to healers who were trapped in sleeping buildings and to resolve problems as soon as possible

Until 5 p.m., Mr. Chirakiat Phumsawat, Governor of Kanchanaburi Province with the group traveling to Wat Tha Phu and listened to the information until the conclusion that Mr. Jeerakiat will coordinate the commander of Royal Thai Army Air Force 17 to support the vehicle and the military to move the therapists in the barn building to stay at the Khao Chon Kai Training Center, Lat Ya Subdistrict, Mueang Kanchanaburi District in the beginning

Mr. Jeerakiat said that from visiting the area to see the facts found that Crowded treatment place preliminary for the satisfaction of all parties The province will transfer approximately 300 healers to stay at the military camp at Khao Chon Kai Hospital, where the disease will be screened in accordance with the public health process, and will then coordinate with each other’s relatives and parents to receive them. return for the comfort of all parties which will be moved tonight As for complaints, the investigation is in accordance with the legal process.




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