Russia and being reduced to a non-market economy

economic adjustment

The decision of the US Department of Commerce to address the state of the Russian economy This partly reflects the success of the US in implementing economic sanctions. Until causing the Russian government to come in to control and intervene in the market mechanism that can be considered to do this as it can cause many countries to start without any confidence in the Russian economy.

In addition, we must not forget about the fact that Russia has decided to go to war with neighboring Ukraine. and the longer the war, the more it affects Russia. And the fact that the Russian government has intervened in the economic mechanism makes it impossible to predict the direction of the economy with certainty. Whether in the capital market or investment from foreign countries, it is good.

Russia and being reduced to a non-market economy Compared to non-market economies in other countries such as China, Vietnam or others, these countries have a clear and definite economic strategy. Until causing foreign investors to invest more money in these countries, even though the governments in these countries have intervened in the market mechanism for some time. But these countries are not at the height of the conflict compared to Russia’s use of force against Ukraine. Until causing fear in other neighboring countries such as Finland and Sweden that it is expected Their country will be the next target for Russia.

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