Russia arrests more than 700 protesters against Putin’s mobilization orders

The BBC news agency said soprotestIt opens after the presidentVladimir Putin ohRussiaannounced plans to mobilize 300,000 able-bodied men to join the warUkrainea few days ago Even unauthorized protests are illegal in Russia.

latest yesterday President Putinsigned a decree to impose penalties of up to 10 years in prison for soldiers caught deliberately surrendering to the enemy, including military escape Or refuse to fight. Meanwhile, Putin also signed an order.Granting Russian citizenship to foreigners who join the Russian army for one year.

The young Russians continued to evade mobilization orders by evasion.flee the country by traffic on the Russian border iGeorgiaheavily stuck With cars stranded for more than 30 kilometres, the Russian Interior Ministry has urged people to avoid travel.

Russian officials admit that almost 2,500 cars are waiting.cross borderone checkpoint

in addition FinlandI saw a clear increase in the number of Russians trying to enter the country.