Russia attacks a nuclear plant in Ukraine

last thursday The index moved in positive territory throughout the trading period. At the open market, the index opened around +12 points and then fell during the day. from buying in electronic stocks hospital stock

benefited from the high number of COVID-19 cases and coal group where the share price reacts positively against the sharp rise in coal prices from the stressful situation in Ukraine As a result, the SET Index closed at 1,696.08 points, +6.27 points, +0.37%, trading value 113,829 million baht, foreign +2,853.39 million baht, TFEX -3,536 contracts, fixed income +407.29 million baht.

positive factor

The number of first-time claims for unemployment benefits fell 18,000 to 215,000 last week. which is the lowest level since the beginning of this year and below analysts’ forecasts of 225,000.
The US Department of Defense spokesman announced that the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile test scheduled for this week has been postponed. In order not to be misinterpreted in the tense situation after Russia launched its attack on Ukraine.
+ Ministry of Transport accelerates the establishment of 3 national shipping companies Aims to use a private venture capital approach
+/- The Prof. reported the situation of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus. in the country today 23,834 new cases, 31,571 ATK, 54 deaths, 19,351 recovered.

negative factors

– Dow futures fell more than 400 points and regional stock markets tumbled after Russia’s attack on Zaporizhia nuclear power plants. in Ukraine, which is the largest power plant in Europe. It is home to 25% of Ukraine’s energy production, raising concerns about the nuclear catastrophe.
– The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 96.69 points -0.29%, worried about the tension in Ukraine. including the economic impact of Russia being subject to international sanctions
– WTI crude futures fell $2.93 +2.6% to $107.67 a barrel. After there were signs of progress in negotiations for the Iran nuclear deal. This could pave the way for Iran to return to world oil exports.

The ISM service sector index fell to 56.5 in February, the lowest level in a year, and below analysts’ forecast of 61.0 after reaching 59.9 in January. .
– Fitch Ratings has downgraded Russia’s credit rating by six points from BBB to “junk” rating.
– MSCI announces adjustment of Russian stock market index By removing Russian stock markets from the calculation of MSCI Emerging Markets Indexes and adjusting them to “Standalone Markets”.
– The Ministry of Finance has not yet considered the half-person project, Phase 5, both increasing the credit limit and extending the period. Because the project is half-person, Phase 4 continues to operate until April 30, 2022.

market trend today

Expect the index today to have a chance to fall in line with the international market direction. with pressure from the Zaporizhian nuclear power plant fire in Ukraine After Russian troops attacked the area. Coupled with weak crude oil prices, pressure on energy stocks. Look at today’s moving frame at 1,685-1,700 points.

investment strategy

• EV subsidy measures : EA NEX BYD GPSC NDR
• In the event of a protracted war Oil prices stabilize high, positive PTTEP PTTGC TOP, agricultural commodities, wheat and soybean meal are positive for TMILL TVO and negative for feed business, increasing costs CPF GFPT ASIAN

special report stock

TACC “Weak optimism”, reasonable price 8.20 baht

•TACC reported a profit of 214 million baht (close to our expectation of 215 million baht) +14%YoY with revenue of 1,353 million baht +2%YoY, slightly growing due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation. However, %GPM improved to 38% from the previous year’s 34% due to 1) adjusting the product mix 2) realizing revenue from increasing the size of 22 oz glass for a full year and 3) controlling production efficiency and costs.

•(+) Commander-in-Chief sets a revenue target of 10-15% (Conservative) from all business groups that have recovered 1) The beverage group has grown, branch expansion, 7-Eleven, Lotus’s go fresh, coupled with the current store traffic. Retail sales are gradually improving, while the food court in Lotus’s Hypermarket can still grow as it currently operates only 75 branches out of 240 branches. 2) Licenses business, customers have started to return. In the first 2 months of this year, there are big events 3 locations and 3) hemp-marijuana products Currently in the process of product research and development It is expected to be available for sale mid-late this year.

•(-) Production costs (sugar, non-dairy creamer, and transportation costs) that accelerated in line with inflation may be a factor that puts pressure on %GPM this year. However, 1Q22 will not be affected. because the forward has been done, but if the cost continues to accelerate It will be a pressure factor for earnings in the period of 2H65.

•(0) We have a weakly positive view from the analyst meeting. Although the revenue trend continues to grow But it may be pressured by the accelerated cost. In addition, the vending machine trend may make the beverage industry more competitive.

stocks have news

(+) CPALL (Bloomberg Consensus 75.00 baht) Sent Q1/22, sales recovered, received the government measures to relieve the city lockdown. Stimulate the economy, travel, and purchasing power through the Shop Dee Mee Night program, highlighting the O2O strategy. Expecting business growth every quarter, supporting the full year 2022 performance, better than 2021, opening 700 new branches this year, organizing an investment budget of 11,000-12 billion baht (coming in time for the shares)

(+) LEO (Bloomberg Consensus 20.75 baht) signaling logistics income for the first 2 months to make a new high The freight rates are still high. Huge demand, on the other hand, the big boss “Gettiwit Sittisoonthornwong” accelerates the pump to grow as planned. Flag the 2022 revenue to grow by 30-35%, prepare to open the wallet to receive the assets of “World Air” in the 2nd quarter of 2022, accelerating the closing of Indo-Vietnam M&A deals (source, catch up)

(+) BRI (Bloomberg Consensus 13.80 baht) aims for transfers in 2022 to grow 90% at 7,250 million baht, with sales of 11 billion baht, launches 12 new projects with a total value of 13.4 billion baht and maintains margins at the level 31-32% and a net profit margin of not less than 16%, while the first 2 months have already made sales of 1.5 billion baht (source to catch up with the shares)

(+) BROOK (Bloomberg Consensus – Baht) Unveils 2022 roadmap stepping up to “Digital Asset Specialist” from the young executive “Warit Bulakul” Topform joins forces with Binance alliances and many global scale giants to accelerate Web investment 3.0 Decentralized Blockchain to design NFT project, focusing on new projects