Russia enters the strategic point of Severodonetsk… Is Donbass Takeover Imminent?



The Russian army, which had made the liberation of Donbass as its top priority, entered the center of Severodonetsk, a key strategic point.

Since a large-scale attack is also being prepared in the vicinity, there is an observation that the takeover of the entire Donbas area is imminent.

Correspondent Lee Bong-seok.


This is a picture of Severodonetsk, a strategic town in Donbas, Ukraine, released by Russian state TV.

Buildings have been destroyed, and bullet marks can be seen on the exterior walls of the buildings that are still standing.

Russia claims it was Ukraine’s work, which received Western arms support.

“It’s an anti-tank missile launcher. It’s the American T-4. It’s either American or British.”

Fierce clashes with Ukrainian forces ensue as Russian forces advance into the city center after the siege of Severodonetsk is unsuccessful.

Although Severodonetsk is a small city with a population of 100,000, it is the main supply route for the Ukrainian army.

Some even predict that if Severodonetsk is taken away, the Ukrainian army will have no choice but to withdraw from Luhansk Oblast.

This will allow Russia to focus on Donetsk, which has yet to be occupied by the Russians who have aimed to liberate Donbas.

The Russian military is also known to be preparing for a large-scale attack on Slavialsk, a base for Ukrainian forces in Donetsk Province.

“In Donbass, the Russians have gathered their combat power to the max. Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Bakhmut, Audiyuka, Kurahove, (subtitles switched) Slavysk and other regions remain the main targets.”

A French journalist who was covering the refugees in Severodonetsk was killed in a Russian attack, Ukrainian officials said.

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But Russia countered that the death was not a journalist, but a mercenary supplying weapons to the Ukrainian army.

This is Bongseok Lee from Yonhap News.

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