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Russia has reportedly fired a nuclear-capable missile at Ukraine. The Strategic Communications Center, or Stratcom, of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has accused Russia of firing a nuclear-armed KH55 missile. Russia has fired a nuclear-armed missile at Kiev without a nuclear warhead attached.

The KH 55 cruise missiles were produced in the 1970s during the Soviet Union. These missiles, manufactured in Ukraine at the time, became part of the Soviet Army in 1983. After the fall of the Soviet Union, these missiles were acquired by Russia. Russia is believed to have completely removed the 1,612 KH-55 missiles in Ukraine in the 1990s. Russia is the only country currently using KH55 missiles.

Russia has officially announced that the KH55 missiles are capable of delivering a nuclear warhead of up to 50 kilotons. America dropped 15 kilotons of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and 20 kilotons on Nagasaki. Meanwhile, there are those who believe that Russian KH55 missiles can deliver impact blasts of up to 200 kilotons.

Russia generally uses KH 555 missiles in the war zone. It is a high guided missile that can carry up to 400 kg of explosives. Tested by the Russian Aerospace Forces in 1999, the KH555 missiles have been part of the Russian military since 2004. At the same time, there are also reports that Russia used KH 55 missiles after not having enough KH missiles 555.

Many Western media reported that Russia fired a nuclear-capable missile without a nuclear warhead as a warning. Russia is allegedly warning Ukraine and the world that they can replace the dummy warhead on the KH-55 missile with a nuclear warhead at any time. As Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, there was widespread speculation that Putin and Russia would use nuclear weapons. According to the Federation of American Scientists, Russia has 1,912 nuclear weapons ready for use by land, naval and air forces.

English Summary: Russia Fires Kh-55 Nuke-Capable Missile at Kyiv After Simply Unscrewing ‘Nuclear Warheads’


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