Russia insists on annexing occupied territories despite Western opposition… “Possibility of approval on the 30th”

referendum on incorporation into Russian territory

Russia may announce approval to annex the occupied territories in Ukraine on the 30th, Russian state news agency TAS reported.

Referendums for Russian annexation will be held until the 27th in four places: Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine established by pro-Russian separatist rebels, and Zaporiza and Kherson provinces in the south, which have been occupied mainly by the Russian army.

According to the report, a member of the Russian House of Representatives said, “Given the preliminary results of the referendum and the readiness of Russia to recognize the results of the referendum, it is possible that the approval of the incorporation of the four countries will be done as early as” r 30th.”

It is known that Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to attend the transfer approval process in person on the 30th, and the Tass news agency said, “Russian parliamentarians have been instructed to pass three gene amplification tests so that they can attend the event on the 30th. ”

Turnout in these four locations is said to be as low as 31 percent to 55 percent, and Ukraine and the West strongly oppose the Russian-led referendum as a violation of international law.

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