Russia is using weapons produced 40 years ago due to lack of inventory = US military official | Reuters

A senior US military official said on December 12 that Russia is willing to use older, less accurate weapons as its military arsenal is running low following the invasion of Ukraine. The picture shows the hull wreckage of a Russian MLRS. FILE PHOTO: An image of a building in Kharkov, eastern Ukraine, November 29, 2022. REUTERS/Vitalii Hnidyi

[ワシントン 12日 ロイター] – A senior US military official said Monday that Russia is ready to use older, less accurate weapons as the nearly 10-month invasion of Ukraine runs out of stock.

He said his weapons inventory included weapons manufactured more than 40 years ago, but that he “seems willing to use such old weapons.”

Washington has accused Russia of seeking arms from Iran and North Korea as its conventional arms stocks run low.

The official said that if Russia does not rely on foreign or outdated weapons, it will run out of fully operational weapons by early 2023.

But using outdated weapons carries risks. “You either have to load the shell and hope it fires, or hope it explodes when it hits,” he said.


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