Russia Launches Consecutive Attacks on Odessa, Ukraine: Massive Damage Reported

Russia Launches Two Consecutive Days of Attacks on Odessa, Ukraine

Updated: September 27, 2023, 16:23

Russian Drone Attack Ravages Odessa and Surrounding Areas

In a distressing turn of events, Russia has launched back-to-back attacks on the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa. According to reliable sources, a large-scale Russian drone attack targeted the port city of Izmail, located southwest of Odessa, on the 26th of September.

Reports reveal that the devastating air strike, lasting for two hours, caused extensive damage to port buildings, grain silos, and approximately 30 vehicles. Quick to respond, the Ukrainian military promptly activated their air defense network, successfully intercepting 26 of the 38 Russian Shahed drones. Unfortunately, the remaining 12 drones managed to evade defense systems, inflicting significant harm on the port.

Located across the Danube River from Romania, the region of Izmail experienced the full impact of the air raids. Spectators from Romania witnessed the Russian attack in all its horrifying detail as explosions erupted and a towering pillar of fire engulfed the area.

Faced with this alarming escalation of hostilities in the Black Sea region, the Romanian authorities made the difficult decision to suspend passenger ferry services between Ukraine and Romania via the Danube River, prioritizing the safety of its citizens.

Intensifying Conflict Raises Concerns for Bordering Countries

Notably, the day before the Izmail attack, Russia conducted a large-scale air strike targeting the city of Odessa. As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to mount, neighboring Romania, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), remains on high alert.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Russia launches consecutive-day attacks on Odessa, Ukraine
    • Large-scale drone attack devastates the port city of Izmail
    • Ukrainian military successfully intercepts 26 Russian drones
    • Romania suspends passenger ferry services for safety reasons
    • Escalating conflict raises concerns for bordering countries

The gravity of the situation is best captured through videos released, showcasing the sheer magnitude of the explosions and the chaotic scenes as individuals hastily evacuated the area. The Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns, continuously firing into the night sky, only added to the sense of urgency.

As this deeply concerning situation unfolds, the international community remains vigilant, closely monitoring the events taking place in the Black Sea region. The repercussions of this aggression will undoubtedly reverberate far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

By: Kim Hae-yeon and Lee Geum-ju

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Russia attacked Odessa in southern Ukraine for two consecutive days.

According to Reuters and Associated Press, Izmail, a port city southwest of Odessa, suffered a large-scale Russian drone attack on the 26th (local time).

According to reports, the air strike lasted for two hours, damaging port buildings and grain silos, and burning around 30 vehicles.

The Ukrainian military immediately activated their air defense network and shot down 26 of the 38 Russian Shahed drones, and the 12 drones that failed to shoot down caused significant damage to the port.

The Izmail region, which was hit by air raids, borders Romania across the Danube River, which leads to the Black Sea. This Russian air strike was clearly seen in Romania across the Danube River.

In the video that was released, a pillar of fire erupted in front of their eyes along with the explosion, and people hurriedly evacuated as a huge flash and the sound of the explosion continued.

Also, Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns were caught firing continuously into the night sky, spewing flames.

According to the Associated Press, Romanian authorities suspended passenger ferry services between Ukraine and Romania via the Danube River due to the air strike.

Meanwhile, the previous day, the Russian military carried out a large-scale air strike targeting Odessa.

As the fighting between Russia and Ukraine has recently intensified in the Black Sea region, Romania, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and a country bordering Ukraine, is keeping its watchful eyes on up Take a look at the video.

Produced by: Kim Hae-yeon and Lee Geum-ju

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