Russia propagandist warns Tucker Carlson: ‘Plane could crash’

The US moderator Tucker Carlson is known for his radical statements. Russia’s propagandists are happy to pick him up – and even worry about him.

Tucker Carlson likes to greet guests like Donald Trump or Hungarian President Viktor Orbán on his own show on X (formerly Twitter). Even during his time as presenter of the conservative US broadcaster Fox News, he repeatedly addressed the war in Ukraine.

The controversial commentator largely endorses the statements made by Vladimir Putin and, like the Russian president, also spreads false reports. He sharply criticizes US politics and the West.

The propaganda on Russian state television is happy to pick up on Carlson’s statements. So does Vladimir Solovyov again on his show. He claims that the American moderator may face serious consequences for his statements.

You can find out what Solovyov warns his US colleagues about and why the statement is particularly cruel at the moment in the video here or above.


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