Russia “Sputnik V is the most effective vaccine for Omicron”… Relevant notes?

Russia “Sputnik V is the most effective vaccine for Omicron”… Relevant notes?

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Due to the spread of the Omicron mutation, the Russian side said that Sputnik V is the most effective vaccine against the mutant virus.

“Russia’s Sputnik V-Jab can be quickly adjusted if necessary to combat a new strain of coronavirus found in South Africa,” said Kirill Dmitryev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), in an interview with Russia’s state-run TASS news agency. said.

“If necessary, the vaccine can be quickly adapted to a new strain of coronavirus,” he said.

“We believe that Sputnik V is currently the most effective vaccine against a mutation of the coronavirus,” he added.

Dmitriev emphasized the importance of cooperation in vaccine development, in particular the possibility of combining vaccines.

Currently, Russia has approved not only Sputnik V but also Sputnik Lite for clinical use. Unlike Sputnik V, which is a two-component vaccine, Sputnik Lite contains one component that is based on adenovirus type 26.

In addition, Sputnik M for adolescents is also in phase 3 clinical trials. The inoculation dose is one-fifth of Sputnik V. In addition, the non-robust Sputnik V is also under development, and Russian President Vladimir Putin recently volunteered for the experiment.

Sputnik V vaccine-related stocks include EID, Ewha Electric, Eatron, Isu Abgis, EDIT, Zethema, Boryung Pharmaceutical, and Chong Kun Dang Bio.

photo = Pixar Bay
photo = Pixar Bay

Vaccine developers are also stepping up to the emergence of new mutations.

Germany’s BioNTech, which jointly developed the vaccine with US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, said in a statement to Reuters on the 26th (local time) that “if necessary, a new vaccine tailored to the new mutation can be shipped within about 100 days.” “We are aware of the concerns of the experts and immediately started an investigation into the micron mutation,” Biontech said. Biontech will use this data to determine whether existing vaccines need to be modified for Omicron, he added.

Moderna also issued a statement on the same day and said that it plans to develop a booster shot specialized for Omicron as soon as possible. “It takes 60 to 90 days for a new candidate to become an investigational vaccine,” Moderna said. In addition, Moderna explained that it is researching ways to increase the dose of the existing booster shot and to develop a vaccine that can respond to various mutations at once.

Meanwhile, the government has imposed entry bans on foreigners from eight African countries, including South Africa and Botswana, in order to block the entry of Omicron, a novel coronavirus mutant virus, into Korea. Then, it was decided to review the plan to expand the target countries by looking at the future trend. It is known that the propagation power of the ohmic mutation is stronger than the existing delta mutation, and the need to increase the blocking level is raised.

It was found that Omicron cannot be detected by PCR (gene amplification) testing methods that are currently distributed in Korea. This is the first time that the government, which has prided itself on ‘K quarantine without border blockade’ even in the face of Corona 19, has completely banned the entry of foreigners from certain countries. am.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced on the 28th, “We plan to expand or adjust countries with enhanced quarantine measures by identifying the degree of risk and spread through continuous monitoring of the Omicron mutant virus in the future.”

Earlier on the 26th (local time), when the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the Omicron mutation as a ‘variant of concern,’ the government held a meeting with related ministries on the 27th and held a meeting in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, and Eight African countries, including Eswatini, Mozambique, and Malawi, have all been designated as quarantine-strengthened countries, high-risk countries, and countries exempted from quarantine.

Originally, the name of the new mutation was expected to be ‘nu’ (ν) according to the Greek alphabet, but it became Omicron, skipping ‘nu’ as well as the next letter ‘ksi’ (ξ).

It is presumed that this became Omakron, which skipped ‘new’ to avoid confusion with the English word ‘new’ and avoided ‘Xi’ (English notation Xi) to prevent overlapping of the notation with President Xi Jinping.

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Russia “Sputnik V is the most effective vaccine for Omicron”… Relevant notes?

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