Russia ‘tank support’ retaliatory bombing after one day, “fighters are needed” in Ukraine

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Russia retaliated by raining missiles across Ukraine after the West threatened to send tanks to Ukraine.

After getting tanks from the West, Ukraine is now raising its voice saying it needs the latest fighter jets.

Reporter Shin Jeong-yeon covered the story.

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Missiles launched by the Russian army are flying over Ukraine.

In a village south of the capital Kieu, a black hole was obscured by a missile and half a two-story house was blown away.

[할리나 파나시안/ 생존자]

“I’m so sad. What can I say? How can I be happy? I’m so sad. My life is ruined.”

The Russian military launched a retaliatory strike the day after the US and Germany announced they were supplying Ukraine with their latest tanks.

On this day, Russia fired nearly 80 self-destructing missiles and drones across Ukraine, killing at least 11 people and injuring 11 others.

Russia has made no secret that the attack is a warning to the West.

[드미트리 페스코프/ 크렘린궁 대변인]

“The United States and NATO[tanciau ategol]translates directly into the conflict.”

Ukraine, which has been promised tank support, is now demanding the latest fighter jets from the West.

Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs wrote on social media, “We have a new task ahead of us, a Western fighter,” and a member of parliament even raised the model, saying, “We need the F-16.”

Meanwhile, the United States and Europe have been reluctant to support advanced fighter jets on the grounds that they may provoke Russia to expand the war, and discussions on this are expected to start sooner or later.

This is Shin Jeong-yeon from MBC News.

Video Editing: Jeong Seon-woo

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