russia-ukraine-conflict-huge-impact-on-sporting-events | The Ukrainian players took to the field with the words ‘No War’ on their cheeks; Emotional companions

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Kiev: Protests over Russia’s military action against Ukraine are spreading to the sports world. Athletes from Ukraine came together to oppose Russia’s encroachment on the country’s sovereignty.

Portuguese club Benfica’s Ukrainian player Roman Yaramchuk has come out in support of the country against Ajax in Champions League football. Yaramchuk declared his solidarity with his country by displaying the national emblem of Ukraine during the celebrations after scoring the equalizer.

Legendary Ukrainian footballer Andrei Shevchenko and Manchester City defender Oleksandr Cinco, who also captains the Ukrainian national team, also came out in support. Artem Pustovia was part of the protest when he wrote ‘No War’ on his cheek during the Basketball World Cup qualifier.