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Phosphorus bombing on Snake Island published by the Ukrainian Army

Ukrainian army accuses Russia of bombing phosphorus on Snake Island in the Black Sea after the withdrawal of troops from the island Claims to have completed operations on the island. But this forbidden bombing raises the question of why Russia dropped the bombs on the undead island.

The Ukrainian Army issued a statement. along with publishing a video clip of the bombing on Snake Island This is a small island in Ukraine’s Black Sea, where today there are no soldiers or people left on the island. After the withdrawal of troops from the Russian army

According to the statement stated The Russian Air Force has deployed two Su-30 fighter jets to drop phosphorus bombs in a row on Snake Island on the evening of July 1 local time.

Phosphorus bombs are flammable and difficult to extinguish. Although the power of the explosion may not be fatal. But it caused a long fire. make breathing difficult The death toll from the phosphorus bomb often suffer from suffocation and serious burns The Geneva Conventions therefore prohibit the use of such fueled weapons against civilians.

The reason the Ukrainian army believes was a phosphorus bomb. because they noticed the white smoke they ejected for a long distance which is a unique feature of this type of bomb

The statement of the Ukrainian army came only a few days ago. After the Russian army withdrew from Snake Island, it described it as “a good signal that Russian forces have completed their operations on Snake Island. and have withdrawn the garrison from there” and to point out to the international community that The Russian Federation does not want to stop UN efforts to build a humanitarian corridor so that agricultural produce can be transported out of Ukraine.

while the Ukrainian side countered that the withdrawal of Russian troops It was the result of Ukraine’s own efforts to push Russian forces away. They used both missiles and artillery to bombard them overnight.

Where is Snake Island – how is it important?

Snake Island, about 35 kilometers off the coast of Ukraine, is a military site. and an outpost above the border to deal with the threat of Russia since before the start of the war

Snake Island, also known as “Gauzmini”, is of great strategic importance despite its small size. Because it is a reference and defines the maritime territory of Ukraine as well.

Snake Island plays an important role.  Determine the maritime territory of Ukraine.



Snake Island plays an important role. Determine the maritime territory of Ukraine.

In the first phase of the war that began in Feb. 2022, Ukrainian social media spread stories of 13 soldiers on Snake Island killing themselves against attacks from Russian warships. The Ukrainian Navy said at that time that These heroes and the other soldiers on Snake Island are still alive and well. including the Ukrainian soldier who refused to surrender and yelled at the Russian warship, “Go die!”

The Ukrainian Navy said at the time that Border Guards and 82 Marines on Snake Island fought to the best of their ability to run out of ammunition. But it was unable to withstand Russian warships, which destroyed lighthouses, towers, communication antennas. and various military infrastructure on the island until it collapsed This caused the Ukrainian forces to drop their weapons and surrender to the Russians.

Russian forces detain Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island. This included a Ukrainian civilian rescue boat that brought doctors and clergymen to provide humanitarian aid to soldiers on the island. The Ukrainian side condemned it as a violation of international law. However, Russian forces are expected to release the men soon.

Russia bombing non-stop

The Ukrainian government also reported that The Russian army fired a missile that hit the Odessa region. southern ukraine At least 21 people died, including one child.

in the past few days Russia has continuously fired dozens of missiles at Ukrainian cities. A Russian government spokesman denied it had targeted civilians. But the story of the Ukrainians in the area is different.

Ukraine's DSNS emergency service

image source, Ukraine’s DSNS emergency service

Ukraine's DSNS emergency service

image source, Ukraine’s DSNS emergency service

“We heard three explosions and our recreation center was completely empty,” Yulia Bondar, a 60-year-old Ukrainian in a small village in Odessa, told the BBC.

“We’re a small village, I never thought we’d encounter something like this.”

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