Russian athletes set off for Beijing Winter Olympics – Xinhua

Original title: Russian athletes set off for Beijing to participate in Winter Olympics

On January 26, athletes from Russia’s biathlon, speed skating, women’s ice hockey and short track speed skating teams will take a flight from Sheremetyevo Airport at 21:5 to Beijing for the 24th Winter Olympics. Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, athletes are required not to have close contact with the media and the crowd, nor to accept interviews.

According to the list released by the Russian Olympic Committee on the 25th, Russia will send a total of 212 athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, including 103 female athletes and 109 male athletes. The Russian delegation, including coaches, service personnel and officials, totaled 461 people. According to the Russian Olympic Committee, there are still two men’s freestyle skiers who are still fighting for the qualifications of the Winter Olympics, so the actual number of participants in Beijing may change.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a video meeting with the athletes of the Russian Winter Olympics delegation on the 25th that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a wonderful high-level event and will write a glorious page in the history of the world Olympic family. He believes that China will provide all the necessary conditions during the competition, the housing of the contestants, and the health and safety of all athletes and spectators. Putin also asked all Russian athletes to strictly abide by the requirements of the Olympic Organizing Committee and strictly abide by all medical and epidemic prevention regulations. (Headquarters reporter Wang Bin)

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