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Russian media reported on “fire” Recruitment offices in several cities.

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On September 22, Russian media reported on the fire. Recruitment offices in at least 4 cities in the country Amidst protests against an order to mobilize parts of President Vladimir Putin’s reserve troops on Wednesday, September 21.

Sota’s vision And Fontanka reported a fire in the Lomonosovsky District Recruiting office building. in the city of St. Second largest city of Russia The local emergency ministry was notified at 10:42 pm local time. A fire started in a room on the first floor of the building. The fire engulfed an area of ​​6 square meters, firefighters were able to extinguish it at 10:55 pm, no injuries.

The Ministry of Emergencies raised the issue of arson from inside the building.

Recruitment Office

in Kai city Orenburg region, Getées reported a fire in the two-story building of the recruitment office. from the assessment of the appearance of the entrance to the building The criminals poured flammable liquids at night and set them on fire. But the flames did not spread through the building and quickly evaporated. Only traces of damage were left on one wall of the building.

There was no official explanation of the incident.

while in Nizhny Novgorod In central Russia, Mash reported that the Kanawinsky District Recruiting Office building was thrown by a Molotov bottle bomb. Even if the fire alarm doesn’t work But the flames, which covered an area of ​​one square metre, were quickly extinguished before firefighters arrived at the scene. Officers found shards of glass from a window pane on the first floor of the building and fragments of a glass bottle bomb and an unburnt tin can.

The damage was only to the door and some floor in the dental office of the Recruiter’s office.

Recruitment Office

In Tolietti, in the Samara region, about 1,000 kilometers east of Moscow, Nesluhi and Bazaar reported a fire at the entrance of the Tolietti city building. The local emergency ministry was notified at 3:44 local time. The flames covered an area of ​​10 square meters. Firefighters extinguished the fire at 4:05 AM.

The cause was arson. And officers found a second-hand bomb at the scene.

The attack on the recruitment office came amid protests in cities across the country against Putin’s immediate order to mobilize some reservists to fight in Ukraine. Russian authorities use the name “Special military operations” as Ovede-Info. The independent watchdog said nearly 1,400 protesters had been arrested, most of them women. The report stated that several male protesters were called up for military service within police stations.

Although Gen Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defense from Russia His goal will be to mobilize 300,000 reserve soldiers, which accounts for only 1% of the total of 25 million soldiers throughout the country. But human rights lawyers say the order used vague language that allowed the Russian military to choose to call up more reservists than the number originally officially stated.

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