Russian military ‘historic’ airstrike… Ukraine “intercepts everything, defeats Kinzhal hypersonic missiles”

On the 16th, Russia immediately launched 18 missiles, including the hypersonic ‘Kinjal’, into the Ukrainian capital Kyiv (Russian name Kyiv). However, all were shot down, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on the same day.

“Russian forces attacked Ukraine from the north, south and east with 18 land, sea and air missiles at around 3:30 am,” Ukrainian Army Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluznyy said on Telegram.

“Our military has successfully shot down every missile,” he added.

In a separate statement, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a separate statement that the Russian army used six Kinzhal hypersonic missiles on its MiG fighter jets, nine Kalibur cruise missiles on its ships in the Black Sea, and three Iskander ballistic missiles on It was explained that the fire focused on Yiwu.

Immediately after the missile was launched, an Iranian ‘Shaheed’ self-destructive drone attack followed.

Amidst reports of debris falling on residential areas and the city’s zoo, authorities in Cuiwu announced that there were no deaths other than minor injuries.

There are also reports of a number of vehicle fires, the Emergencies and Disasters Authority of Ukraine said.

In the west of Cuiwu, a building was damaged.

Kuiwu’s Joint Military-Civil Administrative Committee announced on Telegram that the airstrikes were being carried out on an “unusual intensity” scale.

On this day, air raid warnings went off in major cities in Ukraine, and sirens continued for three hours in the metropolitan area, including Cuiw.

■ the ‘power’ of the western air defense system

Ukraine’s military acquired Patriot missile air defense systems from the United States and others last month.

Using this system, we have intercepted Kinjal, which flew over Kiwu consecutively this month.

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But this is the first time that Ukraine has announced that it has shot down a number of Kinzhal at once.

If Ukraine’s announcement that it has shot down all incoming missiles is true, then Western-sponsored air defenses are operating efficiently.

Russia has not yet responded to the Ukrainian army’s announcement that it had shot down 18 missiles, including six Kinzhal.

■ Shoot ‘Kinjal’ down almost incapacitated

Since 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin has touted the Kinzal as one of Russia’s six new next-generation weapons.

Last year, it was used on the battlefield in Ukraine and used for the first time.

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As the Ukrainian military’s “spring counter-offensive” is imminent, Russian forces continue to strike missiles and drones constantly throughout Ukraine.

This attack with 18 missiles is the 8th large-scale air strike since May.

European media reported that the resurgence of Russian missile attacks, which were carried out in March and April, appeared to be an activity aware of the launch of a counter-attack by the Ukrainian army.

This is VOA News Jongsu Oh.