Russians Hacked Voter Systems in Florida County 2. But Which ones?

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican, has stated that the authorities had decided to address these concerns by issuing a general notice to each county that had occurred.

“I think they should be named,” said Mr DeSantis.

The governor is asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement to obtain classified information. F.B.I. make similar requests to police chiefs and discuss cases involving classified terrorist threats. Usually the F.B.I. it does not release the names of the victims at hacking for privacy reasons.

It is not so clear why information, already known in the Mueller report, is considered too sensitive to public disclosure. There was an immediate flood of questions on social media, and many people were considering how the public could be confident that voter rolls were not being interrupted and that local electoral supervisors had taken the necessary steps to prevent the t to add a similar hack in the future – not knowing which counties were violated.

“This is not acceptable, secret attacks to keep the most public of our political processes: our elections,” said Sancho Inquest, Democracy and former supervisor of Leon County elections, including the state capital, Tallahassee.

On September 30, 2016, while still in office, Mr. Sancho participated in a conference call among Florida election supervisors in which he said, the F.B.I. He told local officials that no hacking from Russia was taking place. F.B.I. he asked election supervisors to keep the subject matter of the call confidential, but Mr. Sancho about at the time anyway.

“I am not a member of a law enforcement agency – I am a member of the election profession,” he said on Tuesday. “I talked about it, because I seemed to need that encouragement if we are to prepare and ensure that we are to protect our electoral system, which we have not done yet.”

None of the 67 counties of Florida has accepted it as one of the victims who suffer. The interference was announced last year by former Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat, who came under strict criticism from his re-election opponent, former Rick Scott, to claim his dismissal as a foundation. The state, he said, had not been aware of any Russian hacking. Mr Nelson then said that he had come across the information as a member of the Seanad Select Committee – but like Mr DeSantis now, he could not reveal more.

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