“Rusted Moss” announced in conjunction with the opening of the Steam New Product Festival for a limited time experience that the release of “Rusted Moss” will be delayed until this spring

Independent game publisher PLAYISM announced that the Galaxy City-style action shooter “Rust Moss (provisional translation, original name: Rusted Moss)” developed by game developers faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze will participate in the Steam New Product Festival , opening a limited-time experience, and announcing the original schedule This work, which was officially launched in February, will delay the release of the game to this spring because the team needs some additional time to make final adjustments to the game.

“Rust Moss” is an action shooting game similar to Galaxy City. The story tells that humans are on the brink of extinction and will soon be replaced by elves; in order to survive, humans use stolen elf magic to create their witches. But this is not the end, humans have been deceived. Elves steal a human baby and replace it with other “things”. The main character of the game who was raised by parents who knew nothing was this new kid. Now she will embark on a journey with the mysterious shadow “Parker” to return the world to the elves and end the era of humans. Humans and elves, on which side do you choose to stand?

In the game, the use of the sling is the main game throughout the game, it can be launched at 360 ° without dead ends, and it has stretch features like a rubber band Players can use the elastic force to move. “Rust Moss” also has more than 20 unique abilities and 8 distinctive weapons for players to collect, so players can use slings to match weapons. In addition, players can also meet wanderers and elves in the world, learn their stories, explore shrines and ruined computer workstations, and solve ancient secrets and an unknown past. “Rust Moss” has a storyline with multiple endings, which will bring players a different gaming experience.

“Rust Moss” will participate in the Steam New Product Festival today, and a test version will be released for about a week for players to download (end time at 2 am on February 13). The official pointed out that the difference between this test version and the previous version is that this time it has a level editor that allows players to make their own levels and design their own levels. In addition, players can also inherit the archive data played in this trial version to the official version.

The official pointed out that this work was originally supposed to be released in February 2023, and the official version of “Rust Moss” has reached the final stage of development, but in order to ensure the quality of the game , the development team needs some extra. time for final adjustments; therefore, the official needs to release this work The release date was changed from February to Spring 2023. The team apologizes for this, but hopefully players can wait a little longer.


“Rust Moss” is currently participating in the Steam New Product Festival and is open for a limited time experience. This work is scheduled to be launched on the Steam platform this spring.

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